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We're partnering with Indonesia's leading mobile operator

Skype is entering into a partnership with Telkomsel to extend the Skype software beyond computers to a range of mobile handsets, so consumers can take their Skype conversations with them on the go. This partnership will change the way Indonesian… Read more


今天你過得怎麼樣? 無論在世界何方,你都可以輕鬆通過Skype打國際長途保持聯繫。當然,如果你能夠用對方當地的語言進行問候,這對你們的交流應該會更有幫助。 繼續讀本篇博文,然後用我們提供的貼心的各國問候語來打招呼吧。 無論在哪裡,你都可以輕 Read more

Our 5 top tips for video business meetings

Get more out of your business meetings with Skype. Find out more about video calls, screen sharing and file transfers now. Read more

Video calling and video conferences with Skype

A new whitepaper from Skype shows how innovative instructors have put the software to use for teaching students in new and interesting ways. As students of all ages and teachers around the world prepare to get back to school -… Read more

Say hello with Skype

How are you today? Wherever you are in the world, it's easy to stay in touch with international calling from Skype. Though, it helps if you can at least say hello in the local lingo. Read on and say hello… Read more

Music Through Skype

This week, we saw a great video showcasing well-known Canadian singers Shania Twain and Michael Bublé recording their duet of the popular holiday song "White Christmas" together via Skype video call. With Shania in Switzerland, Michael in Napa Valley and… Read more

Lehrer aufgepasst – Mit Skype und eTwinning einen Klassensatz Headsets und Webcams gewinnen

Bei Skype ist rund um das Thema „Schulen" im letzten Jahr einiges passiert: Im März haben wir unsere kostenlose Online-Plattform Skype in the Classroom vorgestellt. Dort können sich Lehrer weltweit auf einfache Weise zu Gemeinschaftsprojekten und gemeinsamem Lernen mit ihren… Read more

Wedding Day via Skype

Sereyroth and Tim met in Cambodia as he asked her for help with finding a barber around town one day. The two fell in love and embarked on an 18-month romance made possible by Skype video calls. As a… Read more

Get wordy with Skype

Today's technology is changing our vocabulary – from l33t speak to shortcuts. Find out more about recent language evolution with Skype. And add a little lingo to your next Skype video call. Skype may have made it even easier for… Read more


この度、マイクロソフトとの統合手続きが無事完了し、Skypeは正式にマイクロソフトの一事業部となりました。スカイプにとって大きな飛躍です。世界中の人々が円滑にコミュニケーションするための選択肢になる、という目標の実現に、また一歩近づきました Read more

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