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How to spook-up your Skype call

It’s easy to stay in touch with Skype – no matter what time of year it is. But Skype video calling is especially handy if you’re looking to speak to your friends and family – or trick or treat long distance – over Halloween.

From silly hats to wicked wigs, read on and find out just how to spook up your Skype chat.

Create a spooky backdrop
Video calling’s great at Halloween as you can really spook up your call. Just dim the lights, leave a candle or two to flicker, pop on a spooky soundtrack or fleck your video camera with fake blood.

Throw on a mask, a wicked wig or a full-blown costume and get set for a spooky call. You could even dress up as a group if there’s a few of you round the TV, PC or laptop. Families with little ones could go for a classic like The Wizard of Oz, while grown-up groups could try transforming themselves into something a little grislier, like a zombie flesh-mob.

Tell a ghost story
Get those spines tingling by tell some grisly ghost stories over Skype. You could even shine a flashlight under your chin to cast some spooky shadows, or get someone to jump out of a cupboard to give those folks on the other side of the call a fright.

Share your spooky screen
Whether you’re sharing costume tips or scary photos from your pre-Halloween party, swap your spooky paraphernalia using Skype’s handy screen share and free file transfer features.

Use emoticons
Even if you’re instant messaging instead of online calling, you can still spook up your Skype chat by adding some Halloween-like emoticons to your conversation. Why not try (envy) for a green, witch-like face? (Bug) for goose-bump inducing creepy crawlies? (Party) for your Halloween celebrations? Or (devil) or (evil grin) for when you’re tricking instead of treating?

How will you spook up your Skype call this Halloween?

4 thoughts on “How to spook-up your Skype call

  1. danik_martinek said 5 years ago

    terrible music and vampire style

  2. danik_martinek said 5 years ago

    terrible music and vampire style

  3. kobbyoduro1 said 5 years ago

    Yes oooooo!!!

  4. kobbyoduro1 said 5 years ago

    Yes oooooo!!!

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