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We're partnering with Indonesia's leading mobile operator

Skype is entering into a partnership with Telkomsel to extend the Skype software beyond computers to a range of mobile handsets, so consumers can take their Skype conversations with them on the go.

This partnership will change the way Indonesian consumers connect with friends and family abroad, or even in a nearby city or next door – Always connected while on the move, and at great value.

We’ll initially make Skype available on a range of 24 Telkomsel smartphones including Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia and LG handsets, with plans to extend support to a broader base of phones (including J2ME-enabled ones) in future.
Customers with a valid Telkomsel data package can enjoy the following Skype features on supported phones:

• Enjoy unlimited Skype-to-Skype calls globally without having additional charges against your credit balance

• Send and receive free instant messages to your friends, 1 to 1 or with a group.

• Call international landlines and mobiles at great value calling rates from Skype.

• Participate in conference calls.

• Have Skype “always on” and see your friends’ online status at any time.
If you’re in Indonesia and you’re interested in learning more about Skype™ on Telkomsel devices, please visit

6 thoughts on “We're partnering with Indonesia's leading mobile operator

  1. diannagara said 5 years ago

    i hope skype online number will be availble for Indonesia…

  2. diafexeg said 5 years ago

    I wonder, if Telkom is the only provider for Blackberry phone capable Skype.

    So far Skype has been great , but having Blackberry where you MUST pay for having skype, makes either change Messenger or just change the phone. Changing messenger is must more cheaper , but still – We all do have hopes that Skype will be soon available for all Blackberry phones. At least OS7…

  3. nseika said 5 years ago

    There’s no print advertisement for this cooperation so far. I’ve only seen them in online news channel (who could just take any news to generate hits) and not in print or the more widely reaching billboard and TV spot which Indonesian carriers usually use to promote their products for serious.

    Telkomsel also put additional cost for Skype-to-Skype communication that’s supposed to be free as long as there’s internet data plan.
    And they had history of over charging with tricky data plan full of traps (but then, all Indonesian operators do so in midst of their price war).

    Happy for Skype about the cooperation, but you should keep an eye and give inputs on how they run things, lest Skype got thrown into yet just another feature in the corner beyond any attention of users.

  4. mike.tonkin5 said 5 years ago

    I am a new user of Skype and I have been trying to find out “how to delete unwanted contacts”? It is impossible to get an answer – I have never come accross such a user unfriendly web site – I cannot make contact with anyone to give me an answer. I only got here by googling Skype Management!!! What is wrong with you guys??

  5. eaglechief said 5 years ago

    This website totally sucks, can’t find a thing on it….the first version was so much easier to use. Whoever designed this should be fired.

  6. aubergemediale said 5 years ago

    I post this on the “Big Blog” because it’s really really important for the future of Skype:


    Who did that???

    Please, roll it back, it’s really really ugly and a reason to stop using the program, where as the old smileys were a reason to love the program!

    Smileys are communication codes, it’s a super bad idea to change them anyway – you are expressing something with them.

    Why would you send a smiley to another person that is ugly? To make the other person think that you are ugly, or your smile is dumb?

    Please undo that ridiculous change!

    Best regards


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