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Video calling and video conferences with Skype

A new whitepaper from Skype shows how innovative instructors have put the software to use for teaching students in new and interesting ways.

As students of all ages and teachers around the world prepare to get
back to school – or perhaps have already begun to settle in to the
academic routine – many might think of Skype as merely something
university students use to make cheap calls home.

However, though we certainly think students should use Skype for video calls to mom and dad or instant messaging friends off at other universities, that’s only the tip of the iceberg of what Skype has to offer, as shown in a recent Skype whitepaper .

Through Skype in the Classroom, instructors from around the world
have the opportunity to collaborate on projects or share ideas through
Skype chat or international calls.
With free Skype-to-Skype calls, it’s never been easier – or cheaper –
to compare notes with other teachers, from down the street to Dallas, Djibouti or Dubai.

And the way classrooms from around the world have used Skype to
provide a channel for information exchange has truly been inspiring. One
chat that started between a classroom in England and members of the
Maasai tribe in Tanzania blossomed into regular Skype-delivered English lessons and, finally, flights to Tanzania for a visit.

Skype has also been used regularly for instructors to stay in touch
with their classes when carrying out research elsewhere, or for master
classes taught by special guests. Guest speakers who may not be able to
travel are no problem with Skype either – with a web cam, your classroom
will be ready to greet its guest of honour.

If you’re an educator or student whose education has been enhanced by
Skype, why not let us know in the comments? We love to hear how Skype
has helped in the classroom.

Click here to learn more about Skype in the Classroom

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