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Music Through Skype

This week, we saw a great video showcasing well-known Canadian singers Shania Twain and Michael Bublé recording their duet of the popular holiday song “White Christmas” together via Skype video call. With Shania in Switzerland, Michael in Napa Valley and award winning producer David Foster in Los Angeles, the trio decided to use video calling to work together on the hit song, and did so without a glitch.

After seeing such amazing virtual collaboration between the musicians, we realized how easy it is to use Skype to team up when not only recording songs, but also playing instruments with others in other states or countries. Did you know that music lessons via Skype are popping up all over the place? Take for example, Chris Bussey, an award winning drummer, composer and producer in Europe who now offers instrument lessons via Skype to interested students around the globe. Talk about getting grade-A education all through technology!

And it’s not just well known musicians using Skype to either produce their own music or teach others, but also localized music centers trying to expand their reach to other students. U Rock, a rock school and music center in Pennsylvania, offers guitar lessons via Skype video call, providing remote students their professional instructors. Not only does this allow students to learn from the comfort of their homes, but also saves them time and money commuting to the school.

Musical collaboration via video call is a growing trend – staying on par with the quick advances of technology. Next time you see a great use of Skype by musicians, share it with us here.

One thought on “Music Through Skype

  1. crownlan said 5 years ago

    We are two Italian professional singers and vocal coaches actually based in Dublin.
    We have seen your interesting post “Music through Skype”.
    We are glad to inform you that we offer singing lesson using Skype since 2009 with great results!
    Our students are really happy to work like this and they have really improved their perfect pitch and their vocal skills.

    …But at the beginning no one believed it was possible!
    When we moved abroad, Skype has helped us to keep in touch with our students and to develop a new way to teach.

    It has been our challenge to help people to approach to new ideas and improve their way to study saving time and money.

    We are very satisfied and we work everyday using video calling…so, thank you very much Skype!

    Nadia Corona
    Filippo Da Lan

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