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Wedding Day via Skype

Sereyroth and Tim met in Cambodia as he asked her for help with finding a barber around town one day. The two fell in love and embarked on an 18-month romance made possible by Skype video calls.

As a “massive thank-you” to Skype, Tim Highfield shared with us the photos of his wedding day. His Cambodian bride’s family was unable to attend the ceremony at Tonbridge Castle in the United Kingdom, so they shared their wedding ceremony through a Skype video call.

Highfield described the moment as extremely joyful. Family members in Cambodia were able to see the reception guests, and the most important moment of all – the bride in her hand-sewn ivory-white wedding gown, imported from Cambodia – walking down the aisle on her way to Tim, ready to become the lawful Mr. & Mrs. Tim Highfield.

“You [Skype] have been part of the happy ending to our love story!” added Tim.

To Tim and Sereyroth, we wish you many happy years to come. Thank you for sharing your story with us.


Sereyroth shares her wedding day via Skype with her
family 6,000 miles away in Cambodia.


Photo credits MELISSA DICKEN

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