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Get wordy with Skype

Today’s technology is changing our vocabulary – from l33t speak to shortcuts. Find out more about recent language evolution with Skype. And add a little lingo to your next Skype video call.

Skype may have made it even easier for you to get talking.

But communication really is becoming more streamlined all the time – with everything from video calling to instant messaging putting us in touch with the people we want to speak to most, wherever they are.

And technology isn’t just changing how we keep in touch. It’s changing the way we speak too.

Read on for more chat on how technology’s changed the way the world gets wordy.

• Text speak
Strange as it might seem, there was a time when we weren’t all familiar with emails and text messages. And the notes we did sent each other were long and formal. But that soon changed. In fact, it wasn’t long before most people were using text shortcuts. Think ‘Tnx, c u l8r’. And the growth of smartphones and iPads, means it’s a habit that’ll keep on growing.

• Net slang
The fast-paced growth of forums, online chats and instant messaging hasn’t just changed our shortcuts. It’s changed how we build a sentence. So much so, ‘to Google’ is now a universally understood verb according to the BBC. Who’d have thought it?

• Emoticons
It’s not just words that have had a tech-over; we’ve also started to get visual using emoticons. There are claims keyboard characters have been used to create similes since 1972, but it’s only in more recent years that they’ve boomed popularity – and who wouldn’t want to pepper their chat with a sprinkling of Skype Emoticons? From silly faces to pizza, there’s an icon for almost everything.

• Real world usage
Even now, more web words are working their way into everyday conversation. With ‘lol’, ‘fail’ and ‘ftw’ (for the win) are becoming popular real-world words as well as web words.

Has your language changed over the last few years? How are you getting wordy on Skype?

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