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Chef de Skype

If you’re a fan of the popular day time cooking show “Every Day with Rachael Ray,” then you likely have seen celebrity cooking host Rachael Ray bring cooking enthusiasts into her show via Skype video call. From one kitchen to another, video calling allows her guests from all over the world to join her in-studio in New York City. Seeing Rachael cook with fans around the globe got us thinking, how many people are using Skype video calling to cook together?

Sure enough, we’ve already seen and heard of several cooking schools who utilize video calling to reach remote students who are eager to learn the skills in the kitchen, but cannot physically make it. Fantastic Thai, a New York state cooking school, uses Skype to teach the Thai-food loving how to cook their favorite dishes from the convenience of their own home. To start the lesson off on the right foot, Fantastic Thai sends all the spices and sauces to the students prior to their first lesson. Easily enough, with video call, the students and the chef can see the way they prepare the food and can critique the techniques. Who knew learning how to cook Thai food was as easy as setting up one’s laptop and webcam on their kitchen counter?

With the holiday season around the corner, we are eager to see if cooking via Skype becomes an even bigger trend! Even more, with Skype Group Video Calling, up to ten people can get on from their respective kitchens for one fun group cook-a-thon.

Share with us how you’ve used Skype video call to cook with a friend, family member, student or instructor.

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