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A Skype for all ages

Skype makes talking to faraway friends and family easy – even ones who aren’t too tech savvy.

So we were really pleased when we heard about a 98-year-old who uses Skype every other day!

Technology may not often be thought of as the playground of the elderly, but at least one man’s putting those assumptions to rest by using Skype three times a week to keep in touch with family and friends.

Skype enables people of all ages to keep in touch with cheap calls, video calls and more – right through their PC, smartphone or tablet computer.

And 98-year-old Michigan man John Robson is one of the many using Skype as a cheaper way to call friends and family who might be far away.

“I keep in touch two or three times a week with people that are away from the locale, you know, down in Indiana or Hilton Head, South Carolina or something similar,” Robson told northern Michigan television channels 7 & 4. “It is just nice to get in touch with people that are friendly with you and you don’t see very much.”

While some older folks might be hesitant heading to the computer to make an internet call, Robson’s story shows just how handy Skype can be. It also shows that Skype’s easy-to-use interface is great for users of all ages.

With an easy-to-navigate contacts list, the ability to make calls to landlines and mobiles, and a readily available traditional keypad available, using Skype couldn’t be easier. Older folks can then keep better contact with faraway children and grandchildren. With Skype video chat, you could even see the little one doze off while you read them their favourite bedtime story!

Skype can also be useful for other things too, whether it’s taking international calls from a teenage grandchild travelling abroad, or calling ahead for reservations for a sunny holiday.

Do you surprise younger relatives and friends by calling them on Skype? If so, we’d really like to hear your story.

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