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Students get back to Skype when back to school

Striking out on your own for a university experience can be trying at first, but with Skype, you can keep your parents on the line while chatting up new friends from lecture.

Setting off for university – especially when you’ll be far from your home town, your parents and childhood friends – is one of life’s great adventures. You’ll meet new friends, learn new things and share ideas – but you’ll still want to keep in touch with those back home.

For video calling mom and dad, sharing your experiences with friends back home or at universities of their own – or maybe even collaborating online with the cutie next to you in lecture – you can choose Skype for quick and easy communication.

Your parents will probably be worried sending off their baby for the first time into the great wide world. And while you might think it’s a bit silly, all it takes is a quick – and free – video call to let them know you’re doing well… and maybe to ask to borrow a little money if you’ve run out.

This could especially come in handy if you’re out of your home country, as Skype offers some of the cheapest international calls around.

Both internet calls and instant messaging are a great way to keep in touch with friends still in your home town or those who’ve chosen a different university. You can even use Skype to track down your daring friend as he treks through India on a gap year adventure.

But of course, university is all about stretching your legs, striking out on your own – and maybe you might even learn a thing or two. You can use Skype to collaborate with your new classmates or just chat with interesting people you’ve met at there.

If you’ve used Skype to make some new friends or keep in touch with old ones, share your story in our comments section!

2 thoughts on “Students get back to Skype when back to school

  1. sj13245 said 5 years ago

    I use skype to study with new friends from lecture, and also to keep in touch with old friends all over the globe.

  2. ahamed_halima said 5 years ago

    what a power pact product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ican say proudly,,,,SKYPE is indeeeeeeeeeeeeed a tool to connect this universe together…..

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