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#SkypeTalks Session with Skype for iOS/Mac Product Manager Next Tuesday

Have lingering questions about Skype for Mac, iPhone or iPad? We may have the answer for you!

We are very excited to announce our first #SkypeTalks session on Twitter with Jonathan Watson, Product Marketing Manager at Skype next Tuesday, October 11 at 6 PM BST/1 PM EST/10 AM PST.

To participate, tweet your Skype for Mac, iPhone or iPad questions at @Skype or @SkypeMac and Jonathan will answer them live. Make sure to use the hashtag #SkypeTalks so everyone can follow the conversation.

Don’t have a Twitter account? Don’t fret: the #SkypeTalks session will also be happening simultaneously on the Skype Support Network, so you can post your questions and follow the discussion there as well.

Hope to hear from you then!

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