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Backpacking with Skype – the perfect travel companion

Setting out on a backpacking holiday can be a tiny bit scary. But with Skype, you can make sure you never feel lonely during your travels.

Setting out on a backpacking holiday or gap year is incredibly exciting, but it’s not unusual for intrepid adventurers to also feel a little nervous about being away from their friends and family. Luckily, you never need to feel alone during your travels thanks to Skype.

No matter where you plan to explore, you’re sure to find Skype can help you keep in touch with the friends you’re leaving behind.

If you’re taking a Skype-compatible smartphone with you, be sure to download Skype so you can take advantage of cheap international calls right from your mobile. You can also use Skype through your iPad – perfect if you’re hoping for a larger screen!

Sometimes when you’re feeling a little homesick, all you need to see is a familiar face, and with video calling from Skype, that won’t be a problem, Schedule a video chat with your loved ones and enjoy the chance to catch up face to face – even if you’re on opposite sides of the world.

From instant messaging to cheap calls or group video chat, Skype has everything you need to help you stay in touch with everyone back home while you’re on your travels.

Set off on your backpacking adventure confident you’ve got all the tools you need to keep up-to-date with friends and family, and you’re sure to be able to keep homesickness at bay.

If you’re thinking of heading off on a gap year, who do you think you’ll miss most from home?

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