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Skype's top 5 digital dating do's and don'ts

Dating digitally can be a great way to kindle the flames of a new relationship – if you have a handle of the etiquette that is. Find out how to best behave online with a little help from Skype.

Technological advances may have made it easier than ever to start dating digitally, but unless you have a good idea of how to handle yourself online, you could be flirting with disaster.

Make sure you’re ready to start dating online with a little help from the communication experts at Skype.

Be honest in all things
It can be tempting to tell a few small untruths at the very beginning of a relationship – your age, your body shape, your music preferences – but there’s no point starting off on the wrong foot. Especially in this technological age, when Google and social networking means your beloved could soon find out you’ve been telling fibs.

Mix up the ways you communicate
One great thing about dating on the web today is there are so many different ways to communicate. From emails to instant messaging from your PC, and from free voice calls to video chat on your iPad, you’ll have plenty of tools at your disposal, so be sure to keep the excitement fresh by mixing it up.

Don’t be too full-on
That said, there can come a point when you’re communicating too much. Make sure you’re not overloading your beloved – especially in the early days!

Make the most of video chat
If you live far away from the person you are dating, a video call is the ideal way to get to know each other a little better. Make official video chat ‘dates’ and prepare for them the same way you would a real one – do your hair, think up topics to talk about and even play some music in the background.

Set time aside for each other
One of the best ways to show you care is to set aside time specifically for the person you’ve been seeing. Book time in your diary and dedicate it to your date.

Have you dated digitally? What’s been your biggest online dating disaster?

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