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Pilates On-the-Go with Skype

Ever think of exercising via Skype? I certainly had not, but then I spoke with one Skype user, Certified Master Pilates Instructor and Celebrity trainer Jennifer Blaine, who really showed her innovative side when deciding to bring Skype into her business, Jennifer Pilates. Just like the vocal teacher we highlighted last month who provided singing lessons via Skype, Jennifer thought using technology such as Skype would be a great addition when re-locating her business to the Southwest U.S.

After relocating to Scottsdale, Arizona following a long stint on the East Coast, Jennifer didn’t want to lose her Pilates clients – each of whom had become more like friends and family after eight years. In April 2011, as part of her transition out west and plans to expand her business, Jennifer decided that she would use Skype video calling to remotely teach clients from all over the world. Today, she works with clients as far away as Saudi Arabia and on the East Coast all the way up to Cape Cod! Video calling has allowed her to maintain friends and clients while still adding new Pilates clients locally in the Scottsdale area.

Jennifer commented, “Skype video calling has been a great way for clients to still utilize my training. No matter where they are worldwide, there is no excuse not to workout!” In fact, with some of her A-list clients always on-set or traveling with their NFL and NBA teams, the on-the-go nature of Skype has allowed Jennifer and her clients to exercise from different locations each and every day.

Jennifer Pilates Pic.jpg

For more information on Jennifer Pilates, visit them on Facebook or Twitter.

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