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Making Skype calls from your Mac Address Book

We undertake a lot of user testing and recently noticed a new way that lots of you are making calls to landlines and mobiles with Skype. We thought we’d share the tip with a wider audience.

If you use your Mac Address Book, click on your contact, then click on where you want to reach that person (e.g. mobile, work, home), then simply select “Call with Skype” or “Send SMS with Skype.”

Screen shot 2011-09-29 at 11.48.41.png

Your Skype application will then automatically open, dial your contact or open the SMS window ready for you to type your message.

It’s really simple, and we think you might really enjoy this time-saving approach, while getting more out of Skype for Mac. You can check out more information about Skype for Mac tricks and tips here.

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