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5 Ways To Have Even More Fun With Skype

You may be having fun over Skype calls, but are you getting the most smiles out of Skype? From fast-fingered Skype short-cuts to quirky interactive artwork, read on and find out how to have even more fun with Skype.

Staying in touch is sure to put a smile on your face, but lightning-quick shortcuts, funny emoticons and other cool Skype features can help make video calls even better.

Check our five fun features below and make sure you have even more fun with Skype.

1. Get emotional

Don’t just settle for black and white. Liven up those instant messages using emoticons. From silly faces to sloppy kisses and ninja-moves, there’s an icon to get you talking (and laughing).

2. Use some Skype shortcuts

Use Skype spaghetti-western style with some fast-fingered shortcuts. If you’re using Skype for Mac and need to switch conversations, just swipe your trackpad with three fingers. If you need to mark an instant message as unread just press CMD + SHIFT + U. And if you’re looking to mute just press CMD + SHIFT + M.

3. Find your cool

Lots of people are using Skype to stay in touch. But a cool few are using Skype to play and get innovative. From online book-club meets to iPad art showcases – a lot of cool stuff’s going-on on Skype. Check our Skype Play blog for more innovative inspiration.

4. Get more social

Share even more and spread a joke or giggle with your social circle by updating your Facebook account using Skype.

5. Dress to Impress

Dress up for your next Skype call. Put on a silly hat, paint your face or preen yourself to perfection. You’ll be ready for your Skype close-up.

How do you have fun with Skype?

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