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Perfect your Skype in the Classroom Projects

We’ve seen and heard about some great projects on Skype in the classroom so far. To make it easier for you to find the right partners and the right projects we’ve made some improvements to how you create, share, and provide valuable feedback on projects.

But before we move on to the details, if you’d like to hear more about the transformational power of Skype in the classroom, join our CEO, Tony Bates, at The Social Good Summit via Livestream from 2:00-2:20 p.m E.T. today, or follow the discussion @socialgood or by watching the #socialgood hashtag on Twitter.

Meanwhile, we hope the following updates will help you to have more successful projects on Skype in the classroom.

When creating projects you can now:

  • Confirm an end date for your project
  • Hyperlink to additional content when you are creating projects, or sharing resources for that matter: simply type in your link within the body and it will appear as a URL when you publish it
  • Receive email notifications to help keep you on track with your project
  • Get project inspiration from teachers who have had successful projects on Skype in the classroom
  • Affiliate yourself with the school you teach at via your profile page

Sharing your project is easier:

  • Get a Skype in the classroom badge to help spread the word about your affiliation with Skype in the classroom on your blog and on the wider web
  • Find out how you can ‘promote’ your project effectively, for example, look at our project’s sharing tools, including how to get an embed code to share your project more widely on the web
  • Select the ‘I’d like to do this’ button on projects you’d like to participate in. This will show your avatar and a note about your participation on the project page. It replaces the ‘favourite’ button
  • Stay up to date when new projects are added to the site by adding the Projects’ RSS/Atom feed to your feed reader

Provide feedback on projects to help inspire others:

  • Click on the ‘I’ve done this’ button on the project page so you can leave feedback and content (photos/videos) about your project experience.

These changes aim to help everybody create and experience great projects on Skype in the classroom. In 3 simple steps this is how you do it:

  1. Set clear goals – and select an end date

    Step 1: Set clear goals from Skype in the classroom on Vimeo.

  2. Share your project – with as many people as possible

    Step 2: Share your project from Skype in the classroom on Vimeo.

  3. Provide updates and leave feedback – for everyone to see

    Step 3: Leave feedback from Skype in the classroom on Vimeo.

There’s more at the project inspiration page we mentioned earlier.

Over 16,000 educators around the world are now using Skype in the classroom to share ideas and resources, and collaborate on a wide variety of projects. It’s easy to join them here now if you haven’t already.

As always, if you’d like to let us know what you think you can email us at or click directly on the ‘Feedback’ tab on Alternatively you can always join us on Twitter or Facebook.

We hope you enjoy being back at school!

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