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Utilizing Skype to Change the News and Film Industries

Television and film have changed over the years, especially the use of technology within production. As gadgets and core technology evolves, the media industry evolves with them. Throughout the day, you may tune in to your local news station to get the latest headlines and notice Skype video calling has enabled the experts to talk about the stock market, the latest exhibit downtown, chat with eyewitnesses to breaking news stories and more. Skype video calling allows news programs to incorporate live face-to-face video calls into their regular programming, for free! Not only do you see Skype on the news, but also on popular TV shows and movies such as Every Day with Rachael Ray, 30 Rock, Hot in Cleveland, The TODAY Show, Good Morning America, the Early Show, XFactor, ESPN, Going the Distance and more.

What viewers may not know is that there is a small team (not to mention smart, funny and attractive) at Skype dedicated to making all of these uses of Skype in television shows and films possible. The team helps producers around the globe use Skype for live on-air feeds from remote locations, connect with experts in the field and interview viewers from afar. Take for example, in August during Hurricane Irene, the Weather Channel utilized Skype to cover the hurricane live from the core of the storm.

In addition to the team’s ongoing work with news networks, fun examples of what they have worked on in some of your favorite television shows include:

  • Jimmy Kimmel Live!’s Skype Scavenger Hunt – Two lucky viewers of Jimmy Kimmel Live! competed to find various funny items around their home and win cash through a Skype Group Video Call.
  • Every Day with Rachael Ray – In order to showcase cooking around the globe, Rachael Ray has used Skype to show the World’s Greatest Cooking demo with several video calls with friends, guests and chefs.
  • Tosh.0 – The popular Comedy Central show uses Skype video call to interview comical guests.
  • Hot in Cleveland – The cast of Hot in Cleveland has used Skype on the iPad to showcase video calling on the go.
  • Hangover 2 – The hilarious film commented “I wish monkeys could Skype” creating post-movie buzz for Skype.

What show or movie have you seen Skype in? Leave a comment and let us know!

Jimmy Kimmel.jpg

4 thoughts on “Utilizing Skype to Change the News and Film Industries

  1. tanya_hutchins said 5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing. I used to watch Oprah use Skype for her guests, along with Who Want to be a Millionaire.

  2. marcelloblake said 5 years ago

    Italian tv-show “Mi chiamo NERD” (My name is NERD) use it all the time to interview YouTube stars and digital influencers! check it out!

  3. jamesmax01 said 5 years ago

    I have seen Skype used on BBC Sunday Morning Live, their viewers have live debates with the people in the studio. It get’s broadcasted live over TV.

  4. a.sinclair said 5 years ago

    The season finale of Royal Pains used what looked like Skype in the iPad (no WiFi) so it must have been Skype. Very cool and natural.

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