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Royals Round-Up

The past few weeks, we’ve heard a lot of chatter surrounding royal families using Skype and we love it!

A couple weeks ago, Skype created a survey to see which member of the royal family Britons would most like to chat with. The results were intriguing, with the most respondents saying they’d love to chat with the always remembered Princess Diana. Runners up included Prince William, the Queen and Henry VIII. To add onto the excitement of using Skype with royals, just this week we saw the Prince of Wales make his first ever Skype video call. In promoting a charity’s initiative to advocate elderly education and use of computers, Prince Charles showed his tech savvy side while conducting a video call with pensioner David Howe. And Prince Charles wasn’t the only one showing his Skype support, as Queen Elizabeth’s eldest granddaughter Zara Phillips discussed her Skype love.

Prince Charles Skype Call.jpg

If you were to Skype video chat with a royal, who would you choose? Leave a comment and let us know.

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