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Skype … by royal approval?

Using Skype? Then you're in good company. Regal company, in fact, as Prince Charles used Skype to call online just the other week. That's right. Prince Charles – future King of England – used Skype in full view of the… Read more

Hello Skype!

My name is Yezel. I'll let you take the first punch at how you want to pronounce it… but it's Yeh-zell. I am a recent graduate from San Jose State University in California where I earned a degree in public… Read more

Making Skype calls from your Mac Address Book

We undertake a lot of user testing and recently noticed a new way that lots of you are making calls to landlines and mobiles with Skype. We thought we'd share the tip with a wider audience. If you use your… Read more

Skype for Android 2.5のビデオ通話が強化され、対応機種も拡大

Skype for Android 2.5が公開され、新たに14機種のAndroid端末にビデオ通話機能が搭載されました。これにより、ビデオ通話対応のアンドロイド端末は、合計41機種となりました。今後Skypeのビデオ通話は、AtrixやX Read more

Skype 2.5 для Android – расширение списка поддерживаемых устройств и улучшенное видео

Мы рады объявить о выпуске Skype 2.5 для Android, в котором добавлена поддержка видеосвязи на еще 14 устройствах. Таким образом общее число официально поддерживаемых телефонов составит 41. Видеозвонки по Skype теперь будут по умолчанию включены на нескольких моделях Motorola, включая… Read more

Skype 5.5 for Windows update – Fixed Skype Home popping up in compact mode

Today we released an update to Skype 5.5 for Windows. This update fixes the issue of Skype Home popping up, when you start Skype in compact mode. In addition we have also updated the Skype Click to Call feature, adding… Read more

Skype Click to Call Now Supports Firefox 7

I'm pleased to announce that we've just launched an update to Skype Click to Call for Windows (5.6.8312) which includes the following: Support for Firefox 7 (Skype Click to Call is also available for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer on… Read more

安卓Skype2.5 现在可支持更多的设备并提升了视频体验

我们很高兴地宣布最新的安卓版Skype 2.5新增了与14款安卓设备的兼容性,这使得总共支持的安卓设备数达到了41款!现在Skype视频电话已经在多款摩托罗拉设备上可默认使用,其中包括Atrix和Xoom。赶紧从Android Market Read more

Skype 5.6 for Windows with improved screen sharing

Today we have released Skype 5.6 for Windows. In this version we have polished some of our existing features to help improve the overall ease of use. The main changes in Skype 5.6 are: Screen sharing improvements New 'getting… Read more

Android Skype 2.5 現在可支持更多的設備並提升了視頻體驗

我們很高興地宣佈最新的Android Skype 2.5新增了與14款Android設備的兼容性,這使得總共支持的Android設備數達到了41款!現在Skype視訊電話已經在多款摩托羅拉設備上可默認使用,其中包括Atrix和Xoom。趕快 Read more

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