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Your #ILOVESKYPE Stories

We’ve seen a lot of response with the #ILOVESKYPE moments you are sharing for Skype’s 8th Birthday. Here are our eight favorites.

1) @GeneralMattina: @Skype 92 yr old Grandmama in PA Skyping my sister in LA. #ILOVESKYPE

2) @Rorymi6: I’ve used Skype for over 4 years now and have probably spent many hundreds of hours in calls, and it hasn’t failed me. #Iloveskype

3) @jenniferwoofter: Back in 2004, I got to talk to my mom EVERY DAY while I was studying #sustainability abroad in #Sweden. #ILOVESKYPE

4) @MarcelinaJ: Fave Skype moment: introducing my second child to her great-grandmother in Poland. #ILOVESKYPE

5) @petergoranov: #ILOVESKYPE my parents live 3,000 miles away and Skype allows me affordable communication on a regular basis. happy birthday folks

6) @NnamdiJr: After teaching mom how to turn on Skype web cam, I turn mine on. She screams “I CAN SEE U!” & starts crying.. #ILoveSkype but #ILuvMyMomMore

7) @allifilan: 2 words: transcontinental relationship . #ILOVESKYPE

8) @sauravarora: Talking to loved once, skype made it too easy, let’s Skype it anytime – anywhere, love for skype #ILOVESKYPE

We love these examples so much that we’ve decided to send out a free FREETALK Buddy Cam and a Skype Premium voucher to these eight Skype fans.

Thanks for the birthday wishes and making it a celebratory party_80.png and sharing your #ILOVESKYPE moments. Hearing your stories made us feel really happy_80.png.

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