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Skype in the classroom helps to Power a Bright Future with Clorox

Skype in the classroom teachers are continuously looking for innovative ways to help their students learn. To help teachers located in the US get the resources they need to power new or existing programs, Skype has teamed up with Clorox’s Power A Bright Future school grant program to help spread the word about the company’s third annual Power A Bright Future school grant program.

Anyone 18 or older can nominate their school to win a $50,000 grand-prize grant or one of four $25,000 grants to help give your kids the power to grow and transform through playing, creating and exploring–the pillars of education inside and outside the classroom. Simply pick a category (Play, Create or Explore) to nominate a new or existing program at your school and tell us how a $50,000 grant would make a difference in your school community. Nominations will be accepted now through October 17th at

To further engage with teachers in a discussion about the role of technology in school, and what resources they need to deliver new programs, Skype and Clorox will host three interactive chats for interested teachers during September and October. Details will be available to teachers via Skype in the classroom.

“Whether you’re focused on activities outside or bringing technology inside the classroom,” said Dana Bostic, Director of Development, Metrolina Christian Academy, and grand prize winner from 2010. “I’d encourage everyone to visit and find out how to nominate their schools for a brighter future.”

The final decision is up to America. From October 24th onwards, anyone 13 years or older can vote online at or text their vote for the school program they feel will make the biggest impact. The final Power A Bright Future grant winners will be announced in January 2012.

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