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Amy's Travels Project Connects Classrooms Globally through Literature Content

Written by Kathryn Starke, an elementary school literacy specialist, author, and educational publisher. She wrote Amy’s Travels to provide a children’s book that teaches global awareness for teachers and students across the globe.

Every year, we as teachers, rack our brains to try something new in the classroom that will stimulate great learning and engagement from our students. The “Amy’s Travels Project” could be your solution this year. Amy’s Travels is a multicultural children’s book, based on a true story that teaches the culture, diversity, and geography of our world through the eyes of a young Latina girl. It is the first children’s picture book to teach all seven continents, an elementary school social studies objective in schools all around the world. The “Amy’s Travels Project” encourages classes to read the book and complete the provided unit in your classroom. (Available at

Skype in the classroom allows the project to go further than your own class or school. You can search under projects for the “Amy’s Travels Project: Connecting Classrooms through Global Literature” and add your name to the project if you are a member of SITC. Classes from anywhere in the world can connect with your class to converse about Amy’s Travels and share what life is like in your own country. We are teaching our children to meet and talk with peers outside of their area; the goal is to have classrooms connect across continents. Global awareness is such an important subject for our young children, and we have to be the ones to teach it.

To date, teachers have signed up and shown interest from the states, Europe, and India, and I want the list to continue to grow. Classes everywhere are invited and encouraged to get involved with the “Amy’s Travels Project” by signing up on Skype in the classroom, getting a copy of Amy’s Travels at or, and choosing a class to collaborate with for the year. Let’s connect our children through global literature. I look forward to hearing all about your travels with Amy through Skype in the classroom!

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