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SkypeKit Partner Spotlight: Tely Labs


From the team that built SonicWALL, Generation Systems and Code Green Networks from the ground up, Tely Labs is building an innovative new business around the Skype platform. The company was founded in 2010 by Sreekanth Ravi (President and CEO) and Sudhakar Ravi (CTO) with the premise of turning a standard HD television into a two-way communications and entertainment center for the millions of Skype users worldwide.

When the company’s first product, telyHD becomes available in the fall of 2011, Tely will connect Skype users from their living rooms – in lifelike HD – to any Skype-enabled device. Tely takes Skype’s signature features and layers in additional functionality between two telyHD devices like an HD signal and video voicemail. With telyHD, Skype users will be able to connect from their living rooms to smartphones, laptops, desktops and any Skype device – they can even stream photos to other Skype users on the call. Imagine sitting on your couch and talking to your parents from across the country as if they’re in the next room – that’s a powerful use of Skype technology.

Q&A with Sreekanth Ravi

What attracted you to the SkypeKit developer program?
Skype is the most widely used and recognizable video and audio calling solution; and the company gives Tely access to a large and highly engaged user base. While we’ve heard other companies talk about open APIs for video calling, we haven’t seen a solution yet. With Skype, on the other hand, we’re able to take the core functionality of high-quality audio and video, and enhance that experience in the living room.

As you can imagine, building our own calling mechanism from scratch would’ve been too big a hurdle for us – or any other startup – to jump. Skype’s P2P technology is proven and stable, and users are primed for the experience our new calling device will enable.

What’s been your experience working with SkypeKit?
When we started working with Skype in April 2010, the SkypeKit program was fairly raw. As we progressed, it became much more stable and easy to use. The most recently released version of SkypeKit is rock solid. Throughout the entire program, the Skype team has been very supportive and responsive to our challenges.

What are some of the benefits of working with SkypeKit?
As a small company, our voice isn’t big enough to get our message out. One of the benefits of working with Skype is distribution and co-marketing. Upon the release of our product, we’ll be talking to the Skype team about utilizing the Skype shop and other marketing and distribution opportunities.

In addition, it’s been helpful to have access to other SkypeKit developers with shared experiences and similar products – the Skype developer program facilitates those relationships.

Would you recommend SkypeKit to other developers?
Yes – the program is very straightforward now and we believe the opportunity to work with Skype will support our business goals. We’d give a wholehearted recommendation for anyone looking to join the Skype developer program.

To learn more about Tely Labs visit:

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