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Skype video helps news gathering

The world of news reporting has evolved tremendously over the past few years! As technological advances take place, people are able to share their stories with media in new and exciting ways. Thankfully, Skype has been there along the way helping news organizations adapt and accelerate with the times.

Today’s news is primarily a digital medium, as is most content. News is immediate and social, requiring quick and efficient tactics to provide news in real-time. Today, Skype video calling is a constant presence in the most efficient newsrooms across the world, speeding up the entire process of content delivery from reporting and editorial to distribution.

Digital gatherings and traditional networks are creating in-house Skype studios (just like Oprah!) as a means of internal and external communication, and as a means of broadcasting. Skype offers an array of communication solutions for reporters in the field. Now multiple video interviews, with both one-on-one and Group Video Calling, can take place quickly across the globe, all from a single location where they can also be edited and distributed almost instantaneously!

No doubt, we live in exciting times; and Skype has become a reliable, quick and simple solution because of its universality yet very local nature and the size of its user base. Even more, it is accessible, free and so easy to use. If someone is not on Skype, it’s only a matter of minutes to get up and running (assuming broadband and webcam are available).

Broadcasters love Skype not just because of our technology, but because of the people it gives them access to. From my point of view, there sure are a lot of opportunities to apply Skype. My team and I are glad that TV networks are finding countless ways to of use Skype in newsrooms and we enjoy playing an important role in their television programs!

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