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Skype in the classroom just got a little bit better

Over the last few months Skype in the Classroom has grown to a community
of over 15,000 teachers who are collaborating on a wide variety of projects
across the globe. During that period we’ve taken some time to sit back, listen
to your feedback, and make some subtle improvements.

Screen shot 2011-08-15 at 10.36.40.png

New features include:

  • Timezone
    on project pages you can now check which timezone your
    potential partner teachers or class are in to make scheduling easier
  • Filter:
    you can now filter teachers in the ‘Teachers’ tab by country by using the
    ‘sort by country’ drop-down menu on the left tab
  • Bookmark:
    you can add ‘teachers’, ‘resources’, and ‘projects’ as favourites via the
    ‘add as favourite’ button and you can see them all
    on your profile page
  • Project participation: If other teachers mark a project as
    their favourite, you can see who they are on the project page
  • View:
    you can now view your own resources and projects on your profile page
  • Share:
    it’s easy to share resources on Twitter by clicking the ‘tweet’ icon
  • Manage:
    you can now receive email notifications when someone comments on content
    that you share, by selecting the ‘notify me’ box when you edit your

We hope these changes make it a little bit
easier for you to connect with colleagues and classes around the world. If
you’d like to let us know what you think you can email us at or click directly on the ‘Feedback’ tab on Alternatively you can always follow us via Twitter or Facebook. Meanwhile, more work is
in progress.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed feedback
so far, and to everyone who has become a valuable part of the community.  

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