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Skype in the classroom just got a little bit better

mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman";color:#505050″> has grown to a community
of over 15,000 teachers who are collaborating on a wide variety of projects
across the globe. During that period we’ve taken some time to sit back, listen
to your feedback, and make some subtle improvements.

  • Timezone
    on project pages you can now check which timezone your
    potential partner teachers or class are in to make scheduling easier
  • Filter:
    you can now filter teachers in the ‘Teachers’ tab by country by using the
    ‘sort by country’ drop-down menu on the left tab
  • Bookmark:
    you can add ‘teachers’, ‘resources’, and ‘projects’ as favourites via the
    ‘add as favourite’ button and you can see them all
    on your profile page
  • color:#505050″>Project participation: If other teachers mark a project as
    their favourite, you can see who they are on the project page
  • View:
    you can now view your own resources and projects on your profile page
    • Share:
      it’s easy to share resources on Twitter by clicking the ‘tweet’ icon
    • Manage:
      you can now receive email notifications when someone comments on content
      that you share, by selecting the ‘notify me’ box when you edit your

    color:#505050″> or click directly on the ‘Feedback’ tab on color:#505050″>. Alternatively you can always follow us via color:#505050″> or mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman";color:#505050″>. Meanwhile, more work is
    in progress.

    "Times New Roman";color:#505050″>Thank you to everyone who has contributed feedback
    so far, and to everyone who has become a valuable part of the community.  

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