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Back to School Cool with Skype

As much as I loved the summer growing up, there was something really fun about going back to school. As enjoyable as it was going to summer camp and the neighborhood pool, running into the local home office store after a long and hot summer to buy all my school supplies was always exhilarating! While people around the country are tossing their sunscreen into the backs of their closets and gathering up their textbooks and school supplies, it makes me think: how will today’s students take Skype with them to school this year?

For college students who are heading off to a school that may be far apart from their childhood best friends, the recent integration of Skype on Facebook is the perfect way to video chat with their friends, while surfing on the popular social networking site. With over 750 million Facebook users each month, we know it won’t be a challenge for college students to take a break from the library to connect with their friends via video call this semester! Only logged onto Skype? With Skype 5.5 for Windows, Skype users can now directly IM with their Facebook friends from the convenience of Skype, making it even easier to interact with Facebook and Skype contacts at the same time.

With up to ten people able to group screen share and group video call, Skype Premium is also a perfect back-to-school tool for students of all ages. With exams galore, group video calling and screen sharing are a perfect way to prepare with your study group and make sure everyone aces the test. And who can forget Skype video calling for the iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets? With students always running from class to class, the easiest way to connect with friends and family while on-the-go is Skype on mobile devices.

How are you taking Skype to school? Leave a comment below and let us know.

One thought on “Back to School Cool with Skype

  1. aggiefreak16 said 5 years ago

    I started using Skype in one of my college classes, and have been using Skype ever since. I use Skype on my laptops, cell phone and my iPad, mainly to keep in contact with instructors and classmates who do use Skype as well.

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