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Skype Now Optimized for your iPad

Since the introduction of Skype for iPhone with video calling on New Year’s Eve 2010, we’ve seen growing demand for a Skype app for the iPad.

The wait is over, as today we launched Skype for iPad now available for download in the iTunes App Store.

Skype for iPad is beautifully designed and optimized for the iPad. It offers the best of both worlds for users who want a larger Skype experience, on-the-go. The large iPad screen is perfect for bringing Skype video calls to life, in either landscape or portrait view, and because it is on the iPad, Skype video calls can be made at the beach, in a car or even lying on a couch.

Not only does Skype for iPad feature an interface that takes advantage of the large screen, but there are a number of additional iPad-optimized features found in this new app, including:

  • Two-way video calling.* With Skype video calling available on iPhones, as well as in Skype for Android, Skype for Mac, Skype for Windows, Skype on HDTVs and more – you can connect to over 170 million Skype connected users worldwide**.
  • Instant messaging. You can even instant message during a video call on your iPad, with emoticons to personalize your message.
  • Simple to view contacts. Contacts are now displayed in a grid on Skype for iPad, showing large avatar photos – making it easy to find your contacts and conversations.
  • Easy navigation. Find your recent Skype conversations and history at the touch of a button making searching simple.
  • Simple SMS texting. An SMS text message can be sent by simply opening a contact and selecting SEND SMS or by opening the dial pad, typing in the number you wish to SMS and then typing your message.

The new Skype for iPad app also takes full advantage of the iPad 2’s dual cameras, allowing users to talk face-to-face with the iPad’s front camera or switch to the rear camera to show what they can see. Skype for iPad also allows users to call landlines and mobiles using Skype’s great low rates – all a user needs is a little Skype Credit. Skype for iPad works across both 3G*** and Wi-Fi networks and also allows users to make voice and video calls across platforms from their iPad to other Skype users on iPhones, Mac, Windows, HDTVs and more.

* iOS version 4.0 or later required. iPad 1st Generation cannot send video, but can receive video.
**average monthly connected users for the three months ended 30 June 2011.
*** operator data charges may apply

11 thoughts on “Skype Now Optimized for your iPad

  1. jack.edbom said 5 years ago


    How about Android tablets? Any ETA?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. fuhayer said 5 years ago

    yes finally but need some UI modification like:
    -not able to know if the user we are chatting in portrait is online or went offline.
    -still closes itself after a while in background.
    -could not find a way to delete/close active chat window from left pane.
    -portrait mode should also show left pane at least names under avatars.

    the most important thing is the multitasking. as it closes itself after a time period the same of iPhone, it should keep it online at least for 12 hours without going offline and online continuously.

  3. himynameisjason said 5 years ago


  4. tomaskokovacik said 5 years ago

    Ok all apple divices are supported. AND ANDROID? All android users are waiting too long for video calling! And for best, u block fring. What the hell is this?

  5. fabian918 said 5 years ago

    Finally, can’t wait to use it!
    Fabian –

  6. sliver86 said 5 years ago

    greeting! but why not an universal app?

    I hate having duplicate apps for iPhone and iPad

  7. vasman-inmarket said 5 years ago

    Great app, at last! Please add the ability to copy text from chats

  8. patrick.evolutionecommerce said 5 years ago

    Guys, this app is awesome – my life is now complete!!!!!!!!!!

  9. amylepre said 5 years ago

    I downloaded the iPad app today and I am not seeing the same version shown in the video here. The only thing I have access to is a full-screen of contacts. There’s no left-hand nav; is it possible I got the version that was added to the App Store early and then pulled, even though I just d/led it about 2 hours ago? (2 PM EST on 8/2)

  10. robert.r.payette said 5 years ago

    Very frustrated! I have an Ipad 2 running the current OS, have downloaded the new Ipad optimized SKYPE and there is no incoming audio. Folks can hear and see me and I can see them but I can not hear them. I’ve checked all the settings, deleted the app three times and re installed it…no go. I successfully use SKYPE on the i phone’s and the Win7 notebook….what is going on? The HELP does not yet refer to the new I-pad optimized app from what I can see .

  11. It would be helpful if you showed screenshots of the buttons.

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