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Travel savvy with Skype

It’s easy to travel savvy and stay in touch with Skype.

There’s no need to wait in line for the payphone or weigh down your pockets with foreign coins when you can make Skype-to-Skype calls or use Skype to call mobiles and landlines.

What’s more, with Skype Access you can get instant WiFi internet access while you’re traveling by using Skype Credit at over one million WiFi hotspots worldwide.

So you can send an email instead of postcard, share photos, plan your next adventure and catch up with everyone back home – and you won’t need to pay over the odds like you would at your hotel or hostel.

And it’s even easier to travel savvy with Skype as we’ve pulled together our top travel tips – from how to wash your clothes on-the-go to how to save on toiletries.

Forget the Hitchhiker’s Guide’s command to take a towel on your (intergalactic) travels, we recommend taking blu-tack, duct tape, a sealable bag, contact lens cases and balloons.

Even better, we recommend you save money and leave yourself with more to spend by halving your travel wardrobe, buying toiletries on-the-go and using Skype to chat face-to-face and save on international calls and postage.

Just check out our top tips below and travel savvy with Skype.

Skype Savvy Traveller

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