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New Skype Emoticons Rolling Out Today (#skypeemoticons)

Sometimes words cannot describe what someone is saying. Luckily, emoticons, facial expressions formed by combinations of keyboard characters, are the perfect solution for the commonly tongue-tied.

Popular since they were first introduced to the internet way back in 1982 [see here for the first use of :-)], emoticons can be used in a variety of ways. Often used to spice up a conversation or for comedic purposes, there are dozens of emoticons to help users express their emotions. For example, emoticons can be used to show when one is feeling happy, sad, or silly!

With so many emoticons, consumers of every age love to insert emoticons in their daily instant messaging conversations. Want to grab a drink with a friend after work? Send them a 0168-drink-20px.png. Feeling gloomy? Send mom a 0156-rain-20px.png. Is it your bosses birthday? Share 0166-cake-20px.png with them.

Since people of every age love to use emoticons to make friends and family smile, Skype is introducing a brand new set of emoticons to keep the fun conversations going!

With today’s release of Skype 5.5 for Windows, seven new emoticons will be added to the already vast repertoire of Skype emoticons. Now users will have the opportunity to insert emoticons that represent anything from working from home and fingers crossed to giving an animated high-five to their friend!

Check out the seven new Skype emoticons below, and here’s what to type so it appears in a message:

0186-facepalm-30px.png face palm = (facepalm) or (fail)
0191-wfh-30px.png working from home = (wfh)
0190-fingerscrossed-30px.png Fingers Crossed = (yn), (fingers), (fingerscrossed), or (crossedfingers)

0189-tumbleweed-30px.png Tumbleweed = (tumbleweed)
0192-lalala-30px.png Lalala = (lalala), (lala) or (notlistening)
0188-waiting-30px.png Waiting = (waiting), (forever), or (impatience)
0193-highfive-30px.png Hi-five = (highfive), (hifive), or (h5)

As a surprise, we’ve also released two new hidden emoticons too. Since we don’t want to censor ourselves, try to guess what they are or find them on your own.

17 thoughts on “New Skype Emoticons Rolling Out Today (#skypeemoticons)

  1. mahadi1985 said 5 years ago

    very nice

  2. neha.chauhan040 said 5 years ago


  3. carrie1rox said 5 years ago

    what about for Mac ?

    • Cassie Hitchner said 5 years ago

      While this is not yet available for Mac, please stay tuned! The Mac community is very important to Skype and we’re working hard to deliver the latest version of Skype for Mac as quickly as possible.

  4. simonas.n said 5 years ago

    Awesome update, I really enjoy it but “Working From Home” emoticon wasn’t added And I think I found one secret emoticon ^^

  5. calmblythe said 5 years ago

    Those hidden emoticons.. Do we have to find the keys that make them up ourselves?
    Cuz there are some that I’m sure are new that aren’t shown above, but are shown in Skype..

  6. techno_ said 5 years ago

    Yes, the new emoticons are nice. But some of updated old ones now looks like grimaces. Older versions of “Smile”, “Laugh”, “Happy”, “It wasn’t me”, “Worried” better expressed their meaning.

  7. nikkistriker said 5 years ago

    I’m sorry, but Skype’s emoticons suck. As an emoticonist, I am offended.
    They’re too large, seriously, you could find someone to make better ones.
    I am not the only one who thinks this, I have a number of friends who also hate them.

  8. petersvp said 5 years ago

    Is there an option to use the old iconset? [I will even not update, i am very happy with 4.2]

  9. bofh-unet said 5 years ago

    I found one od the hidden emoticons.

  10. maraballerina02 said 5 years ago

    so cool

  11. flutterby321 said 5 years ago

    I want to know what the other hidden one is! D: I spent like 3 hours trying different things

  12. tuchkata said 5 years ago

    Hi. What about the linux fans? Maybe a little update with the new emoticons only?

  13. haji194 said 5 years ago

    emotions are so cool

  14. cigaras.666 said 5 years ago

    new emotions are cool, bet the look of new icons is awful, mouth is to thick, is there anyway to change it?

  15. icebergas said 5 years ago

    These new emotions have an ugly faces… Old smiles were much better…

  16. rjsec4ever said 5 years ago

    I like how there is always hidden emotes, but how come there’s never an option to SHOW them?

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