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Vacation Bound

Everyone needs a vacation, and this week, I’m packing my bags and leaving the city for a week to spend some time with my family. Even though I’ll be out of the office and away from my computer, I plan to take Skype with me so I can stay connected with my friends and family members who will not be able to be there with me.

First stop on my vacation is my cousin’s wedding, which is bound to be a good time. Unfortunately, not all my family members can make it to the wedding. However, with Skype video calling on my iPhone, I’ll be able to show my aunt in California what the wedding festivities are like in real-time. Since I have my phone with me no matter where I am, she will be able to see everything from the bridal party preparing to my cousin walking down the aisle. And, if I find out that there are other family members who cannot make it, I can easily bring along my MacBook and use Skype Group Video Calling to include up to ten people on one call. I’m sure my cousin will be excited to find out how many virtual guests are in attendance!

After the wedding festivities, I plan to spend plenty of time relaxing on the beach with my family and friends. Of course, I’ll make sure my iPhone is with me at all times, so I can video and voice call, as well as IM, my friends while I’m away from home.

Are you going on any summer vacations? If so, how do you plan to bring Skype along for the ride? Leave a comment and let us know.

5 thoughts on “Vacation Bound

  1. gbmorril said 5 years ago

    I’ve been travelling through Europe alone for the first time. I have family spread out through Canada and England so I’ve began to use the skype video conference call feature to bring everyone together and of course share some photos and stories!

  2. aeronet_mr said 5 years ago

    My family takes Skype with us when we visit Aruba, Puerto Villerta/Punta Mita (MX), Bora-Bora…well really on all of our international trips. It is great to be able to so simply forward your home country inbound calls to your Skype number, allowing you to answer the calls where ever you are. It is also amazing how great of an experience the video chat option is, like when you can give your family and friends a video tour around your favorite vacation spots. Skype is great!!!

  3. bozleys_angel said 5 years ago

    I’m heading to Australia in two months on my own to meet the boyfriend and his family for the first time ever! Was kind of nervous and scared until I got a netbook with built in web cam for my birthday last week. Now I can keep in touch with my family and best mate through Skype while I’m over there to let them know I’m safe and still as nervous as when I left. Seriously the best thing ever!

  4. maqeelshaukat said 5 years ago

    I am heading to Malaysia in 2 days and if i hadn’t read this i would have missed the fun about using Skype while on the move i just bought a an i-phone and an i-pad so its perfect for me, i am looking forward to sharing my vacation with my family and friends, thanks SKYPE for providing such a remarkable software for free

  5. maraballerina02 said 5 years ago

    cool i love it

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