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Virtual Shopping Advice On-The-Go from Lucky's Fashion Editor

Shopping alone may be effective for some, but when Lucky Magazine’s intern Sarah went shopping at an uptown boutique in NYC, she ran into a shopping dilemma without anyone to consult.

Although many people might call their best friend to ask for shopping advice, voice calling cannot always provide the full picture like video calling. With this in mind, Sarah utilized Skype video calling on her iPhone to ask Lucky Fashion Editor Jen Ford for her best styling tips. Utilizing free face-to-face video calling on her Skype for iPhone app, Sarah was able to pick out the best top, shorts, shoes and accessories to have a polished appearance at her summer barbeque – all by calling from the boutique right to the editor’s desk!

Check out the Skype video call below and learn some fashion tips from a top shopping magazine editor.

How have you used Skype video calling on your iPhone or Android smartphone while on-the-go? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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