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The Skype Team's Top 12 Tricks and Tips for 5.2 Mac Users

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As you can imagine, we use Skype rather a lot and make use of shortcuts to help us move around Skype faster. Some Skype for Mac users will probably be familiar with these options already, but we know lots don’t. These little shortcuts help you save time, manage conversations better and generally improve how you use the latest version of Skype for Mac.

There are a lot of shortcuts to choose from, so we’ve put the Mac team’s top 12 tricks and tips together in one place.

Currently, our most popular tricks and tips are number 5 (Push to Talk) which makes Skype work like a walkie-talkie when you’re on mute, and number 10 (Dial pad) which helps you make internet calling to a landline or mobile without taking your hands of the keyboard – surprisingly, a huge timesaver.

If you use a shortcut that we haven’t mentioned, please take a second to add it as a comment to the Facebook post so other Mac users can try them out. And, if you want to find out more about some of its great features, like group screen share, check out our earlier announcement.

One thought on “The Skype Team's Top 12 Tricks and Tips for 5.2 Mac Users

  1. ciscoandmike said 5 years ago

    Hi Skype

    When are we going to be able to video record our video conversations on iphones?

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