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Peace One Day's founder, Jeremy Gilley, inspires school children on Skype

Canada, England, Kenya, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, USA, Saint Lucia, Scotland and Switzerland: Jeremy Gilley has been busy chatting with school children all over the world these past few weeks. Without having to step foot on a plane, Jeremy is talking to the world’s youth about conflict resolution, global citizenship, human rights and the link between sustainability and peace, he just clicks a button on Skype to make a video call.

Using Skype, Jeremy hopes to talk to school children in all 192 member-states of the UN before 21 September 2012, to support the countdown to a Global Truce on Peace Day 21 September 2012.

To find out more about Peace One Day’s Global Truce 2012 campaign, please watch the Global Truce 2012 Introduction Film.

Global Truce 2012 Introduction Film.

Meanwhile, here is some feedback from teachers and students who have participated in Jeremy’s Skype talks so far:

• “Using Skype to speak with Jeremy supported the work that the school does looking at Peace and Conflict resolution and motivated them [the students] to continue with their good work.” Laura Paterson, Gordonstoun School, Scotland.

• Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to be seen and heard on our little island of Saint Lucia. Our students are 90% local but the other 10% have come from countries where they have experienced a different sort of lifestyle – some with strife and suffering. The whole school was excited to share a live call – crossing borders in this manner was important.” June Harkness, International School of St. Lucia.

• “It was SO WONDERFUL of Jeremy to take the time to inspire the kids of both countries (Kenya and Philadelphia, USA) and to be part of their Skype conversation.” Lisa Parker, volunteer for Germantown Friends School.

• “You have inspired us all so much.” Student to Jeremy from the International School of Geneva, Switzerland.

To get your classroom involved please access the free POD Education Resources and introduce your students to Jeremy’s story so far, contact Peace One Day Education through their Skype in the classroom profile or email to register your interest in a video call over Skype, and start planning your Peace Day activities.

Here’s a video introduction to Peace One Day education. The Education Resource is now available free online in the 6 official languages of the United Nations.

An introduction to Peace One Day education.

You can sign up to the Global Truce 2012 at, follow @PeaceOneDay on twitter, and ‘like’ the Peace One Day Facebook page, to show your support.

One thought on “Peace One Day's founder, Jeremy Gilley, inspires school children on Skype

  1. bernard.halim1990 said 5 years ago

    I support Global Truce for world peace, making one heart at ease is much of kindness by making whole people around the world heart at peace is heaven as a token of gratitude.

    Bernard Suryadi Halim, Indonesia 2011

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