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Facebook video calling powered by Skype

Just a few weeks ago, Skype announced the ability to IM your Facebook friends or to ‘Like’ and comment on a Facebook status directly from Skype. Today, we are excited to announce that Skype’s partnership with Facebook goes even further, as we are now making it possible to video chat with your friends right from within Facebook. This is an exciting step for us as it represents Skype’s first big step on the Web, and because we know this has the potential to unlock even more conversations and make the experience on the Web even more social.

The partnership with Facebook makes fantastic business sense for Skype and gives us an unprecedented opportunity to offer Skype’s voice and video calling products to more than 750 million active users on Facebook.

Together, we’ve collaborated to create a great user experience — with Skype providing an optimized version of its software and Facebook embedding the Skype calling experience deeply into their site, allowing Facebook users to enjoy the many benefits of video calling.

Flamingo Main Screenshot-on-Facebook.png

To get started connecting face to face using Facebook video calling, powered by Skype, it’s quick and easy. Just ensure your Facebook Chat status is set to “online” and you are ready to go! You can initiate a Facebook video call right from the Chat box or you can click on your friend’s Profile and if they are online, a “Call” button will appear at the top right of their Profile page. If your friend does not answer, you can leave them a video message. Your recorded video message will be waiting in your friend’s Inbox the next time they check their Messages.

We hope you enjoy this latest product development from Facebook and Skype. And while you are on Facebook, why not head on over to Skype’s Facebook page to learn more, share comments, and don’t forget to ‘Like’ us too.

3 thoughts on “Facebook video calling powered by Skype

  1. lani.escat said 5 years ago

    thank u.i did it…

  2. Does this work on phone also?

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