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Skype 2.0 for Android hotfix: resolved issues with installing

Thank you all for the feedback provided on yesterday’s Skype 2.0 for Android release.

We are releasing a hotfix to address two main issues, please upgrade now via Android Market.

Be sure to let us know how you like the improvements via our Support Network.

Fixed issues in this release are:

Category Description
Calling Users of American versions of Google Nexus S were unable to make video calls
Generic Some users, especially on tablet devices, were unable to install Skype

Known issues for the Skype are:

Devices affected Category Description Current solution
All Birthday notifications Birthday notifications are shown only after user logs in and not during long running session User has to log out and in again to receive birthday notifications
All Calling Usage of Bluetooth headsets is not supported for Skype calls. They might work depending on device. None available
All Calling Call drops when 2G/3G changes back to wifi: In case user has enabled Wi-Fi and 2G/3G connection and receives Skype call while on 2G/3G connection, call drops if device changes connection back to Wi-Fi None available
All Calling Call quality depends on the signal strength of Wi-Fi connection and the bandwidth of 3G connection In case call quality is not optimal, make sure you have good network connection
All Calling If Skype is not running and the user initiates a call from native address book even though there is no available data connection. The application falsely thinks it’s gone online. None available
All Calling Video calling to the iPad 1 that is using the Skype for iPhone app is currently not working; the call automatically gets downgraded to an audio call. none available
All Calling During an ongoing call, it is not possible to change in call volume while proximity sensor is activated. Move phone away from head to deactivate proximity sensor, then change the call volume.
All Generic When upgrading Skype then the previous history on the device will be lost None available
All Generic Skype is auto-starting after sign-out / force close Skype is a “search provider” type of application. As a consequence of this, the default behavior of the Android platform is to try to restart the application if it crashes or the user does a force close. Skype does not auto-start itself after signing out of Skype.
All Generic On very rare occasions upgrading to a new version of Skype for Android fails and the user is no longer able to upgrade/re-install Skype for Android. After a master reset of the device Skype for Android can be installed again.
All Generic On some devices, radio music is not stopped automatically when Skype call comes in. Call can be received, but when answering the call, radio music is still played along with Skype call sound. User has to stop radio manually.
All Generic When used with large accounts and Wi-Fi goes into hibernation mode. The application can sometimes get into a state where it is not able to go back online. Go to app manager and kill client, restart the client
All Generic With very large accounts (600+ contacts) the performance of the application will not be optimal.
All Instant messaging On some occasions the chat messages may appear in wrong order None available.
All Voicemail User cannot leave voicemail — although calls get directed to voicemail and user hears voicemail greeting, voicemails are not saved and sent to remote party None available
HTC Thunderbolt Calling Device’s audio quality is generally poor (fuzzy, choppy, delayed) None available
Motorola Milestone 2.0;
Motorola Milestone 2.1;
Motorola Milestone XT720 2.1
Calling In case user receives incoming GSM call during Skype call, it may happen that audio is not sent/received during GSM call. None available
Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000;
Samsung Galaxy S Mesmerize;
Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4G;
Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant;
Samsung Galaxy S Captivate;
Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate;
Samsung Transform;
Samsung Intercept
Generic Skype 2.0 for Android is not able to login on the following devices with Android 2.1 and below. Upgrade your Android to 2.3 or to 2.2 depending on the availability.
Samsung Galaxy Spica I5700 2.1;
HTC Legend 2.1
Connection Connection is not seamless for these devices. When user has enabled both WiFi and 2G/3G connection, after a while, device switches to 2G/3G, but for other contacts, user appears to be offline as there really isn’t no connection in the device None available
Samsung Galaxy Spica I5700 2.1;
LG Aloha 2.1;
HTC Wildfire;
HTC Legend
Generic Altough these phone models fulfill the criteria’s to be compatible for Skype 2.0 for Android, but the application performance may not be optimal. None available
Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini pro Generic Device is currently not supported by Skype. None available

10 thoughts on “Skype 2.0 for Android hotfix: resolved issues with installing

  1. luis.sintra said 5 years ago

    Please add support for xoom and bluetooth headset. I have been using skype for a while, mainly to make international phone calls, and will use it even more if I can make decent calls from the xoom.

  2. greg.stortz said 5 years ago

    Did the update this morning and still no Skype Video option available:

    Phone: Nexus S
    Model: GT-I9020A
    Android OS: 2.3.4
    Baseband Version: I9020AUCKD1
    Build #: GRJ22

    Let me know if more info is needed.

  3. franciscosv.1982 said 5 years ago

    i have a xperia mini pro with android 2.1 and installed skype, everything works fine except for the microphone. any chance of getting it to work?

  4. nescha00 said 5 years ago

    “Skype is a “search provider” type of application. As a consequence of this, the default behavior of the Android platform is to try to restart the application if it crashes or the user does a force close. Skype does not auto-start itself after signing out of Skype.”

    So what? I have to kill Skype because it drains my battery (rebooting is obtrusive). But if I don’t want to type the password each time (which requires “Sign in Automatically”) I will have Skype restarting all the time whenever I shut it down?! So stupid… From time to time you make some excellent HCI, but sometimes you go totally oposite.

    Create either password caching, or additional settings (beside automatic sign-up) to have automatic start-up. Don’t consider me a moron and do this implicitly, plz

  5. pviken said 5 years ago

    so x10 no longer supported. i see… But WHY did you let me update my phone then!!! It was working perfectly! you bastards… is microsoft allready making plicy for you?

  6. lamhut said 5 years ago

    Please post a hotfix for Samsung Galaxy Tab Wifi+3G (Sprint) Android 2.2 OS. I cannot make video calls on it. Why? I already upgraded to the latest version of Skype but I still cannot make video calls.

  7. justin.seiferth said 5 years ago

    Please get rid of the auto-restart of Skype; it’s incredibly annoying to the point that I’ve removed it from my phone. I don’t need yet another application draining my battery when I’m not using it. This is a deal -breaker annoyance.

  8. martin-redman said 5 years ago

    While back in the UK last month I bought a HTC Wildfire,as all i wanted to do was use Skype via wifi to save my lappy wearing out,i pay Skype monthly for a subscription for calls back to the UK.The guy in PC World said this was the phone i needed.Love the phone,BUT when i downloaded Skype it was so choppy I could not even hear the test call.I tried older versions,still no good.Skype say a speed of 400mhz is enough to run the app.,the Wildfire has 580mhz,so why wont it work?.
    With todays technology,surely it can’t be that hard for the Skype boffins to rectify.Also phone shop sales people need to be told that most of the internet phones out there cannot run Skype….we are all being duped!!.

  9. usman.sahab86 said 5 years ago

    I was using skype on my sony expria x8 from 2 months.
    But last week I installed updates of skype.
    And from that time, no one can hear me.
    chatting is fine and I can hear them better. But no one can hear to me :(
    please can any pne tell me how to install the old version?

  10. hsibert said 5 years ago

    When calling through 3G with >3Mbps DL and 1.5Mbps UL, sound is choppy and the app is not usable, even with SkypeOut, while WiFi is fine. Not a bandwidth issue as competitor apps work just fine. Don’t you have regression testing??? (Galaxy S 2.3.3)

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