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Skype 2.0 for Android: Say hello to video calling

Today we have released a Skype 2.0 for Android, introducing Skype video calling to the Android Market.

The main improvements over the previous version of Skype in the Skype 2.0 for Android are:

  • Video calling
  • Ability to send SMS messages
  • User experience improvements

Install the new Skype experience now via the Android Market. You’re welcomed to discuss how you like this new version on Skype Support Network. We’re keen to hear youre feedback.

A bit more details on the improvements of Skype:

Video calling

We have introduced a video calling support on the new Skype for Android. This enables you to see youre beloved ones while on go. You can make video calls over mobile data and Wifi connections.

We are currently supporting video calling on four devices, but we are actively working on adding support for more devices.

The currently supported devices are:

  • Google Nexus S
  • HTC Desire S
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia neo
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia pro

Ability to send SMS messages

We have introduced in Skype 2.0 a possibility to send SMS messages, so now you can conveniently send your messages from Skype while you’re on the go on our competitive rates.

User Experience improvements

When building the Skype 2.0 for Android we made big efforts to iron out the few quirks we had on the initial version and we made a number of changes to the user experience based on your feedback to the initial version of Skype for Android.

The technical bits for this release.

System requirements

Skype 2.0 for Android is designed to run on the devices which run on Android OS 2.1 or newer, with at least 600 MHz of CPU power and with screen resolutions of 320*240; 240*400; 480*320; 800*480; 854*480.

Skype will also work on devices which have different screen resolution or slower CPU’s, but the performance will be degraded, especially on calls.

Known issues

As with any software this version of Skype has in few known issues, please be aware of them while using it:

Devices affected Category Description Current solution
All Birthday notifications Birthday notifications are shown only after user logs in and not during long running session User has to log out and in again to receive birthday notifications
All Calling Usage of Bluetooth headsets is not supported for Skype calls. They might work depending on device. None available
All Calling Call drops when 2G/3G changes back to wifi: In case user has enabled Wi-Fi and 2G/3G connection and receives Skype call while on 2G/3G connection, call drops if device changes connection back to Wi-Fi None available
All Calling Call quality depends on the signal strength of Wi-Fi connection and the bandwidth of 3G connection In case call quality is not optimal, make sure you have good network connection
All Calling If Skype is not running and the user initiates a call from native address book even though there is no available data connection. The application falsely thinks it’s gone online. None available
All Calling Video calling to the iPad 1 that is using the Skype for iPhone app is currently not working; the call automatically gets downgraded to an audio call. none available
All Calling During an ongoing call, it is not possible to change in call volume while proximity sensor is activated. Move phone away from head to deactivate proximity sensor, then change the call volume.
All Generic When upgrading Skype then the previous history on the device will be lost None available
All Generic Skype is auto-starting after sign-out / force close Skype is a “search provider” type of application. As a consequence of this, the default behavior of the Android platform is to try to restart the application if it crashes or the user does a force close. Skype does not auto-start itself after signing out of Skype.
All Generic On very rare occasions upgrading to a new version of Skype for Android fails and the user is no longer able to upgrade/re-install Skype for Android. After a master reset of the device Skype for Android can be installed again.
All Generic On some devices, radio music is not stopped automatically when Skype call comes in. Call can be received, but when answering the call, radio music is still played along with Skype call sound. User has to stop radio manually.
All Generic When used with large accounts and Wi-Fi goes into hibernation mode. The application can sometimes get into a state where it is not able to go back online. Go to app manager and kill client, restart the client
All Generic With very large accounts (600+ contacts) the performance of the application will not be optimal.
All Instant messaging On some occasions the chat messages may appear in wrong order None available.
All Voicemail User cannot leave voicemail — although calls get directed to voicemail and user hears voicemail greeting, voicemails are not saved and sent to remote party None available
HTC Thunderbolt Calling Device’s audio quality is generally poor (fuzzy, choppy, delayed) None available
Motorola Milestone 2.0;
Motorola Milestone 2.1;
Motorola Milestone XT720 2.1
Calling In case user receives incoming GSM call during Skype call, it may happen that audio is not sent/received during GSM call. None available
Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000;
Samsung Galaxy S Mesmerize;
Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4G;
Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant;
Samsung Galaxy S Captivate;
Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate;
Samsung Transform;
Samsung Intercept
Generic Skype 2.0 for Android is not able to login on the following devices with Android 2.1 and below. Upgrade your Android to 2.3 or to 2.2 depending on the availability.
Samsung Galaxy Spica I5700 2.1;
HTC Legend 2.1
Connection Connection is not seamless for these devices. When user has enabled both WiFi and 2G/3G connection, after a while, device switches to 2G/3G, but for other contacts, user appears to be offline as there really isn’t no connection in the device None available
Samsung Galaxy Spica I5700 2.1;
LG Aloha 2.1;
HTC Wildfire;
HTC Legend
Generic Altough these phone models fulfill the criteria’s to be compatible for Skype 2.0 for Android, but the application performance may not be optimal. None available

The release build numbers for this release is, if you download it from the Android Market, in case downloaded from Getjar.

24 thoughts on “Skype 2.0 for Android: Say hello to video calling

  1. kosi_s said 5 years ago

    Hi Devs,

    Thanks for a great app, so useful. Really grateful for that. New update looks good and I can see some improvements already. Cheers.
    One thing though, Sign in automatically does not work. Each time I sign out, I have to re enter my password. Any ideas what I can do to fix this?

    Kind regards,

  2. stewartrogers-ioutput said 5 years ago

    Please add Motorola Xoom and other Honeycomb devices as soon as you can. And please, please, please add support for Bluetooth headsets for Android tablets too. Thanks.

  3. lauri.andler said 5 years ago

    Why isn’t video calling supported on Samsung Galaxy S with 2.3.4 when it’s supported on Nexus S? They are almost identical devices?

  4. csaba.hereb said 5 years ago

    On the Motorola Atrix the app works, but the status icon starts rolling around after a while saying “reconnecting”, although the connection is fine. Very annoying!

  5. navossoc said 5 years ago

    It works on Xoom, but, I didn’t get it on the android market, but no video calls yet.
    The landscape mode is 100% better on Xoom…

  6. boodz.23 said 5 years ago

    when the video call will be available for Galaxy S2 ??

  7. rdeal12 said 5 years ago

    what have you removed the option to change the incoming call ring tone?and it would be nice if i could answer a skype call with my headset

  8. andrew.becherer said 5 years ago

    Hi Devs,

    Thanks for the exciting release but I am afraid the Nexus S is not fully supported. I am using the white Nexus S that supports AT&T Wireless’ AWS spectrum (model i9020a) running the official Google Android release 2.3.4. Video calling is not available on this device. It was a pretty big let down. When can we expect video support for all Nexus S devices?

  9. jose_morales_ariza said 5 years ago

    With the last update, Skype doesn’t detect my phone microphone. Nobody can listen me.

  10. dkasak said 5 years ago

    Why no push notifications? With Windows Mobile 6.5 support being pulled quite a while ago, I would have expected more features going into the Android and iPhone clients. And let’s not talk about the monstrosity that is the Linux client.

  11. kaguyasudo said 5 years ago

    The microphone on my X8 doesn’t seem to work. Tested with Echo123 as well, the same result. It used to work well with older versions. Please fix this problem asap so that I can talk, not just “chat”!!

  12. domaccount said 5 years ago

    It seems this update broke the dial-pad notes while in a call. Though I hear the DTMF sounds in my headset, the remote end (conference call, voice mail, etc) cannot. Please fix this.

  13. uschmidtmann said 5 years ago

    Just restored the 1.x version on my Galaxy Tab.
    Reasons / Problems with from Market:
    – Autologin does not work anymore
    – Can’t get rid of the annoying login/logon sound (why does everybody have to hear me starting skype?)
    – changing screens with the tabs was much faster than going through the main screen (my personal opionion, but typical: more colour, less functionality – sorry)

  14. balint.krizsan said 5 years ago

    I was hoping for the fix of the LG Optimus One (P500) problems. In the last version at least there was a button to turn the back speaker off – but it did not work. But with the new version it is still not possible to switch to the ear piece speaker. Could you please fix this?

  15. woicex8 said 5 years ago

    Same problem as kaguyasudo:

    The microphone on Xperia X8 does not work.

    Skype(X8) –> Skype(PC): PC has silence in the speaker

    Skype(x8) –> landline: landline has silence in the speaker (Skype out)

    Skype(X8) –> Echo123 nothing recorded, “beep — beep” shortly after another

    On the same Xperia X8 normal GSM calls and calls from a SIP VoIP client work fine,

    so the microphone itself is functioning well.

    Skype was working perfectly fine in version 1.x.

    Current (faulty) Skype version:

    Can you please fix this fault?


  16. c.ordini said 5 years ago

    htc wildfire 2.2: impossible calling! choppy sound. downgrade to 1.0.983

  17. morris.hull said 5 years ago

    Sound problems exist on Atrix. It worked well prior to the July 1st update.

  18. pernelvig said 5 years ago

    Microphone does not work on xperia mini pro. Had to uninstall and restore the old version of Skype. Mic seems not to be working on any xperia device according to the forum.

  19. noushadwss said 5 years ago

    The microphone on my X8 doesn’t seem to work. Tested with Echo123 as well, the same result. It used to work well with older versions. Please fix this problem asap so that I can talk, not just “chat”!!

  20. drmemory said 5 years ago

    On HTC inspire 4G Skype is in constant state of reconnecting. Otherwise seems to work fine .

  21. mike.slater said 5 years ago

    Nexus-S: Works well with far fewer drop-outs. Video seems to work well (others can see me fine) although I haven’t tried it ‘two-way’ yet.

    Why has the ability to change the ringtone gone?????

    The default ringtone is useless and I’m missing calls!!. PLEASE put the ability to change the ringtone back.

    Many thanks for a great app.

  22. peter.dostuni said 5 years ago

    On Motorola droid, mic not working with latest upgrade.

  23. erik-jan1979 said 5 years ago

    Microphone issue also on Samsung Galaxy I15503: The other side is not able to hear me after installing this update. Fix would be very much apreciated…

  24. manjari.soni said 5 years ago

    Xperia X 10 mini pro – Updated by mistake and have lost the skype calling/recieving facility. Auto mute mode gets on….
    Are u fixing the problem

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