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Skype Support Network Update

Today, the Skype Community/Forums is taking the first step in a comprehensive overhaul that will see us breaking new ground to build our first integrated, multi-channel brand community. The former Community site will shift to a new platform, now called the Support Network, which is now available in Beta at

Sign up for the Support Network today and join a conversation, ask a question to a Skype expert or help someone else in need. You’ll be hearing more from us as we add new features and functionality to the Support Network over time.

3 thoughts on “Skype Support Network Update

  1. levontraut said 5 years ago

    that does not help me when myself and thousands of other people have WP7’s and it is not supported but apple is?? i thought that skype is a MS product now!!

  2. sania.naaz514 said 5 years ago

    i have a simple question i wanna buy my samsung galaxy s2 and i wanna know if i can have skype video call? because i really need skype for me and i want skype with video calls to my samsung galaxy s2 . thank you

  3. crowefan0517 said 5 years ago

    My Skype is still not working since the problem on May 27th. I tried the fix you posted & it did not work. I uninstalled & reinstalled, no luck with that either.
    I really miss video-chatting with my new grandson. Please HELP!!


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