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Bringing Video to the Next Wave of Connected Devices

Late last year, the number of internet connected devices passed the 5 billion mark according to IMS research. It was around that time that the analyst firm predicted we’d connect 22 billion devices by 2020. So, what will be different about the next 17 billion devices? Video. When you talk about connecting devices to the internet, we want you to think about a lot more than that. Think about the possibilities to connect people – you and me – with devices as the conduit.


With that in mind, today we’re thrilled to announce that SkypeKit – our collection of software and APIs that allow Internet-connected devices to offer Skype voice and video calls – is now open to the broader development community. With SkypeKit, we believe the possibilities for ‘video anywhere’ are truly endless and we know that for this next wave of connected devices, video will be a critical component. In fact, with the consumer electronics products developed through SkypeKit, talking to friends and colleagues around the world on a variety of consumer devices becomes as seamless as talking to them across a kitchen table or a conference room.

When we first announced SkypeKit beta in 2010, we set out to accelerate the use of Skype in the consumer electronics space across multiple platforms. Today with the opening up of SkypeKit, almost any developer will be able to leverage the power of voice and video by embedding Skype into new, engaging and innovative consumer electronics devices – if you can dream it, you can build it.

Through SkypeKit, we want to help you make products that stand out. We understand that Internet connectivity is no longer enough to differentiate your products and we believe that Internet + voice + video is emerging as the ultimate trifecta for cutting-edge devices. High quality video is also setting the stage for developers to foster a highly engaged user base around their products.

SkypeKit is supported by a broader program and a vibrant developer community called Skype Developer. Within that community, Skype provides extensive quick start guides, tutorials and an active support forum for our development partners.

Developers who use SkypeKit will also be officially “plugged into Skype,” a descriptor assigned to approved products that can be used as a marketing and sales tool. Adding Skype to your device gives you access to Skype’s global community of users.

For more information, go to: or ‘Like’ us on Facebook.

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