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Summer Jetsetting with Skype

Next Tuesday, June 21, marks the Summer Solstice, the first day of summer. As the weather quickly warms up and schools go out of session, many friends and family members are likely packing up their bags and saying “adios!” as they head on summer vacation. Whether it be your best friend’s annual camping trip or your family’s weekend reunion at the beach, there are a variety of ways to take Skype with you on the road.

To capture your favorite moments while away from work or school, make sure you download the Qik app on your Android or iPhone, so you can record fun video messages and send them to your friends. Have an iPhone? Share your fun in the sun in real-time with Skype video calling on the iPhone (don’t forget that it’s free, if you’re calling another Skype contact).

Decide to pack your laptop amidst all the sunscreen and travel necessities? Download the latest version of Skype for your PC or Mac and invite up to 9 other friends and family to join in on your group video call and tell them the latest on your jetsetter adventures! Want to try group video calling, but also plan to call friends and family in the US and Canada while out-and-about? Make sure you try out Skype’s newest Premium Subscription bundle, so you can save some of that calling cash on vacation fun.

What are you doing this summer? Leave a comment and let us know how you plan to take Skype and Qik with you so you can share the fun with your virtual travelling companions.

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