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Skype 5.3 for Windows update – Removed Skype Extras Manager

We have updated Skype 5.3 for Windows.

With this newly released build we have removed the Extras Manager from Skype and in addition we have made some stability improvements.

Please upgrade your Skype now.

Skype Extras Manager provided access to a number of third party applications like games, fax and call recorders. We stopped the development of Skype Extras on September 2009, because there were only a small number of people using the third party applications through Extras Manager, the next logical step was to remove it from our Windows client.

For those of you interested in continuing to use applications from Skype Extras Manager you can go to visit theSkype Shop, to download an older version of Skype for Windows.

In case you come across any issues while using Skype, then please let us know about it, either by discussing on our forums or by reporting the issue on our public issue tracker.

Full release notes for Skype are:


Category Descriptions
Generic Removed Extras Manager from Skype
Call Quality Indicator Skype crashed when trying to close Call Quality Indicator with pressing ‘esc’.

10 thoughts on “Skype 5.3 for Windows update – Removed Skype Extras Manager

  1. ttom34 said 5 years ago

    Sorry, but I don´t think that this is a good way, to remove the extras-manager completely from the application, even if the support for it was stopped, so the people who use this (like me and many others), can´t update the application anymore, without loosing the nice features of the extras-manager (they have to install crapy soft instead, what was ranged as unserious-software – is this the new way of microsoft, to get most profit of it ?)
    So please think about of all that users who like that soft very much – the removing of the extras-manager was a big fault :(

  2. ezwan_corluka said 5 years ago

    pls i need extra to play game while skyping..i just downloaded the version,but i still dont have

  3. annaliese1970 said 5 years ago

    I agree with ttom34. This is an extremely poor way to keep your clients using your product. With so much competition on the rise for free calling, you should be ADDING, not REMOVING features!

  4. vgrabchuk said 5 years ago

    “Good job”

    Now skype4com.dll is not working, and it looks like this is because of removed Extras manager

  5. alex.v.sokoloff said 5 years ago

    This shows again that Skype Team don’t really care about users. Among Skype Extras there were good applications which provided some really useful functionality absent in Skype, e.g. call recording, notifications for particular contacts, interactive whiteboards etc. They removed the Extras Manager, but didn’t offer anything in return – they are not actually expanding Skype functionality. Suggestions about some much needed features have been on Skype forums for years. Now they have just abandoned all those forums (the Skype Community) and created a new Support Network – a nice trick, isn’t it?

    I think if they keep on neglecting real needs of their users they risk losing some of them. Alternative applications like Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Pidgin or Google Talk are ready to embrace new users :-)

  6. muskratjohn3 said 5 years ago

    The removal of this software will greatly impact usage of skype. Thousands of military servicemen and women use these applications to stay closer in touch with their children while they are deployed around the globe. Removing this is foul, to one of skype’s largest user markets.

  7. ufobmx said 5 years ago

    I am now leaving Skype , The Forums is Out of Order and now this, Goodbye Skype.

  8. bennyvig said 5 years ago

    Really really CRAZY for Skype to have allowed this situation to have developed. Extras was a brilliant component of Skype ……. skype management should be pushing the envelope and making Skype better all round – NOT REMOVING valuable functionality !!
    Where is the logic of upsetting users – Skype is losing the incredible high goodwill it built up over years big time day by day now. Sort extras out please skype and get it back online and live ASAP.

  9. scarvacif said 5 years ago

    i am appauled at skypes decision to remove extras from its latest version, and when the opportunity arises for a good alternative communication tool with extras such as tic tac, i will be taking my auto renewal business elsewhere, and i encourage anybody else who pays skype to do the same…

  10. not being able to play games with people on skype is a real disappointment. skype has now become boring. the extras was a really good part of skype and you removed it, instead of making skype better you’ve mad it worse.

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