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Skype announces partnership with Comcast to bring Skype (HD) video calling to more living rooms

We’re excited to announce a partnership with Comcast, the largest provider of internet and cable service in the U.S. We see a lot of synergies in teaming up with Comcast to enable their customers to communicate with family and friends through Skype HD video calling on their television.

Comcast customers will be able to use Skype video calling from the comfort of their living rooms heralding a whole new experience of Skype, making those moments shared with family and friends when they are apart even more magical. With a broadband connection, HD camera and Skype on the XFINITY service, we think customers will really enjoy a whole new way of using Skype on their television – making the experience much more like a visit than a call.

Read our press release for more details about this new offering coming soon from Comcast and Skype.

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