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Skype Terms of Use Updated

We’ve made some important changes to the Skype EULA, Skype Terms of Service, Terms of Use. These three documents have been combined into a single streamlined document ‘Skype Terms of Use‘, which we hope you will find simpler and easier to understand. The Skype Terms of Use will govern your use of Skype’s software, products and websites, including the ‘Qik’ branded software and video sharing products. If you’re not already a Qik user, please visit for details on how to join.

These changes are effective immediately for new Skype users and on July 9, 2011 for existing members. If you accept the new “Skype Terms of Use”, there will not be any additional action required. If you do not wish to accept, please refer to your termination rights under Section 11 (Ending Your Relationship with Skype) of the new Terms of Use. Please click here for further detail on the changes or to read a copy of the new terms.

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