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Skype Premium Just Got Better

For business or pleasure, Skype Premium continues to provide new ways to keep in touch with the important people in your life. In addition to Group Video Calling, our 3 and 12 month Premium subscriptions now also include unlimited* calling to phones in the US and Canada for users based in these two countries.

Now Skype Premium is more affordable than ever. If you sign up before July 31st you can get up to 50% off the regular price.

So whether you are gathering family members from around the world for a virtual family reunion, placing a call to grandma in Iowa, or chatting with your best friends studying abroad in Europe, Skype Premium keeps you connected.

Here is how you can save with our enhanced Premium offering:

12 month subscription
(50% off) – $53.94 or $4.49/month (Annual savings of $53.94)

3 month subscription (25% off) – $20.23 or $6.74/month (Three month savings of $6.74)

Learn more about Skype Premium.

* A fair usage policy applies. This promotion is only available in the US and Canada, but we have plenty of other great special offers available around the world.

One thought on “Skype Premium Just Got Better

  1. catmahal said 4 years ago

    /well I’m totally confused. I have ordinary Skype and have purchased a years subscription to Skype Premium because I have a friend in the USA. I got cut off this morning and checked back to my account which is saying my 60 minutes was up and I have been disconnected. The 60 minutes hasn’t even started with Premium. Do I cancel out of $4 a month ordinary Skype Account? How do I access the Premium which I have already paid for?

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