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Shopping Goes Digital with Video Calling

For those of us who hate crowded shopping malls, or simply can’t sneak away from our desks to shop, online shopping is a godsend. But what about those of us who don’t have time to shop, but don’t have the style know-how to pick out our own duds online? Well, it seems that we are in luck: styling and shopping consultations from fashion experts via Skype video call are now available!

With more and more businesses becoming tech savvy, the sky is the limit with video calling – even when it comes to shopping. Take for example, Hendricks Park, an innovative luxury clothing service that selects and sends clothing to clients, has them try on the outfits via Skype video call, and then helps them choose the best options. Hendricks Park experts are able to provide real-time feedback on how each outfit looks and help shoppers make final decisions–no matter where the shopper is located. Whether it be at your office just a few miles away, or your home across the country, you no longer have to be alone when shopping thanks to innovative companies such as Hendricks Park.

Have you had a Skype-assisted shopping trip? Whether it be a digital shopping trip with your best friend or getting advice from a fashion expert, leave us a comment and let us know about your Skype shopping experience.

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