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Video is the Intelligent Choice for Business Collaboration

Online video, once thought of a “nice to have” for businesses, is now fast becoming a crucial “need to have” tool for day-to-day business — due in large part to better technologies, quicker Internet speeds and networks that can transmit increasing amounts of data. We believe that video conferencing is the intelligent choice for business collaboration, whether you need to collaborate internally with colleagues or externally with partners and customers.

While voice is important, texting is important, and email is still popular, it’s video that offers a more engaging, rich and more productive way to communicate. According to Skype’s recent Living Workplace survey (link to previous blog on survey), 42 percent of technology-empowered workers feel that the workplace is suffering from information overload and over 1/3 of these respondents (35 percent) put the blame on e-mail. Among those surveyed who currently use video, many of them experienced benefits including increased productivity, better collaboration, saving time and money.

video infograph.png

Certainly people will utilize relevant forms of communication for the given need. Say you’re running late for a meeting, then a quick call, text or instant message is appropriate. But, if you are presenting to a prospective client or collaborating over a new product design or interviewing a prospective candidate for a job, then video is the intelligent choice and will help you be more collaborative and productive today and into the future.

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