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Capture Your Memorial Day Festivities

This Monday, May 30, is Memorial Day in the United States. With the weather warming up, friends and family typically hold barbecues and parties to celebrate the three-day weekend, and of course, the U.S. soldiers the holiday honors.

Are you away this Memorial Day and can’t make it to your family’s annual barbecue bash? Wish you could make it to your friend’s pool party, but have other obligations? Why not use Skype video calling, whether it is on your PC, Mac or iPhone, and participate in the conversation and fun, despite your location? If you’re lucky enough to physically be at the party, but your best friend couldn’t make it, try creating a video message on your Android or iPhone using Qik Video Connect and send them video mail to make them laugh.

With Skype video calling and Qik, there is no reason to miss out this holiday weekend. Leave a comment and tell us how you plan to celebrate Memorial Day, whether it be virtually or in-person.

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