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Military Members Using Skype To Stay Connected

This Saturday, May 21, marks the United States Armed Forces Day. This holiday was established to recognize and thank our country’s military members for their hard work and patriotic service overseas. Being thousands of miles away from home, we can only imagine how difficult it can be for military members around the world to keep in touch with their family and friends back home. Through countless user stories, we’re so happy to know that military members have been able to utilize Skype voice and video calling over the years to communicate face-to-face with their loved ones. And, in honor of this upcoming holiday, we wanted to highlight some recent heartwarming stories that have really shown us how Skype can help bridge the distance between people.

With dad stationed in Iraq for his fourth Middle Eastern deployment, one family in New York has had to rely on technology to stay in touch with dad. With Skype, Tim Maguire has been able to keep up with his daughter’s life and chat with her about school, sports, and life on a weekly basis. Maguire has even video called into his daughter’s sixth-grade classroom, demonstrating how he can stay involved in her life, despite the difficult circumstances. Another amazing story we read about surrounds how one deployed father was recently able to coach his wife through the delivery of their baby girl. Through video call, Joseph Palmero was able to be there for an extremely memorable moment in their family’s life.

Seeing how Skype helps military personnel overseas stay in touch with the closest people in their life makes us extremely proud. We hope we continue to see and hear about these amazing stories and, on May 21, we hope everyone can extend a big thank you to their country’s armed forces serving around the world.

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