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Cram Time: Studying for exams with Skype

It’s May and schools in the United States are wrapping up the school year. This means students have to buckle down with their classroom notes and textbooks, and begin preparing for final exams.

While exam week is never fun, Skype can help make the exam preparation process a bit less stressful with Group Video Calling. Skype Group Video Calling allows up to ten students to participate in one call. This means you can bring together your whole study group, no matter where everyone lives–on or off on campus. With Group Video Calling, you can even have your teaching assistant join in your study session and answer your last-minute questions.

While Group Video Calling is always great for big groups, Skype has many other features that help during study time. Having a hard time explaining how you got that math answer to your friend across town? Skype’s screen sharing allows you to show them exactly what you are entering into your spreadsheet that led to that result. Better yet, screen sharing is free. No matter where your professor, friends, and classmates live, Skype video calling helps make it easier to straight A’s this exam season.

One thought on “Cram Time: Studying for exams with Skype

  1. nathaniel.david.stornetta said 5 years ago

    Did this while prepping a group presentation and while prepping for my final exams. It really was helpful and very easy. Even the least techno-literate in my group were able to figure things out easily.

    Very convenient, very effective.

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