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Microsoft will acquire Skype

I’m excited to announce that Skype and Microsoft have entered into a definitive agreement whereby Microsoft will acquire Skype for $8.5 billion US. It is an exciting day for all of us at Skype – we’ve taken a significant step towards realising our vision of making the world a better, more connected place.

I believe this acquisition is the very best way to extend Skype’s reach and will allow us to bring real-time video and voice communications to more people around the world than ever before. The combination of Skype and Microsoft will directly benefit all of you who use Skype by ushering in a new era of generative ways for everyone to communicate.

What I love most about this company are the people. Not only the team here at Skype and our partners, but everyone like you who uses Skype every day – you are the people who have made Skype what it is.

Subject to regulatory approvals and customary closing conditions, Skype will operate as a new business division of Microsoft, and I look forward to working with the team as president of Microsoft Skype to write the next chapter of the Skype story. Onwards!

187 thoughts on “Microsoft will acquire Skype

  1. seldan96 said 5 years ago

    WHYYYYYYYYYYYY? I think i will stop using skype…

  2. sylkohli said 5 years ago

    Oh, noooooooooooooooooooooooooo…

  3. helloooooomate said 5 years ago

    Okay… That means the PS3 will never get skype. What a massive disappointment.

  4. lvader said 5 years ago

    Microsoft is known to be quite hostile environment to other operation systems and platforms. Does that deal means and of support for Skype on other platforms (Mac/Linux/Android/iPhone/…) ?

  5. foxthemad said 5 years ago

    There goes Skype as a free service…

  6. maria.barrios. said 5 years ago

    Bring “Skype me” back, please? =)

  7. zauberexonar said 5 years ago

    And yet, won’t this leave Mac and Linux users looking for alternatives when Microsoft kills support for both platforms and makes Skype a Windows-only application?

  8. aneeshjoseph said 5 years ago

    It is a sad news !! Another chance to show the Monopoly of Microsoft ..

  9. oli-... said 5 years ago

    Wanted Google to buy it for Android! -.- ..but hmm lets see how it goes..

  10. margot.douglas said 5 years ago

    I hope you keep this free to all the users of Skype – otherwise we will leave & find an alternative.


  11. kevinsandlin said 5 years ago

    Uggh. I’ve been using Skype for more years than I can remember, and this announcement just makes me sad. That said, I shall continue to enjoy Skype, until such time as the Borg swallows you up and inserts you into the bloated machines that are Windows and Office and, God help us all, Windows Phone. Sigh. Sniff sniff. I’ll miss you.

  12. margot.douglas said 5 years ago

    I hope you keep this free to all the users of Skype – otherwise we will leave & find an alternative.


  13. cyberalyman said 5 years ago

    So I assume this will involve merging MSN and Skype, or something along those lines? Maybe some tight integration with Windows Phone 7? Either way it can’t be a bad thing. Unless they drop Mac support, but how stupid would that be?

  14. dietyyli said 5 years ago

    I guess this means I can forget Fedora 64bit binary? =P

  15. totoorozco said 5 years ago

    I hope is for the best of Skype! Let’s see…

  16. cbsksnyder said 5 years ago

    I hope they keep it a free service and don’t try to put a bunch of darn pop ups and adverts on it like every other site/service Microsoft offers.

  17. akshay.rajopadhye said 5 years ago

    Hopefully now the Skype users will get to call their loved once without any interruption and will enjoy using it for it’s services.

  18. mr-lj-the-dj said 5 years ago

    why? why would you sell it to microsoft, of all companies. just like the 2010 release of msn. they will try to jazz it up only to fail and destroy skype😥

  19. cronosrv said 5 years ago

    R.I.P skype

  20. mduchesneau said 5 years ago

    I do not like this.I don’t usually complain, but this… no.

  21. alex_francal said 5 years ago

    Bad news… Hope skype don’t became slow like Microsoft products…

  22. bensymington said 5 years ago

    That is so AWESOME,

    I definitely am one who agrees that this will be a great partnership!

    Well done!

    Ben Symington

  23. bensymington said 5 years ago

    That is so AWESOME,

    I definitely am one who agrees that this will be a great partnership!

    Well done!

    Ben Symington

  24. p_a_v_k_a_t_a said 5 years ago

    This is disgusting! I can imagine how Skype will no longer be free and I will have to say ‘goodbye’ to my favourite way of getting in touch with people .

  25. qonos68 said 5 years ago

    You’re excited. I’m not. Microsoft products suck.

  26. timmillwood said 5 years ago

    Oh dear!

  27. pinapplepalmtree said 5 years ago

    The Skype clients are out of sync already. I fear that Skype for Mac will be in for it’s worst after this. A great example is windoze live. Great windoze client and yet poor Mac client. Maybe FaceTime and SMS is the future…

  28. daryl_byrne said 5 years ago

    i really dont agree with this with the grade of msn and its video calling is skype’s video quality gunna go to pot now?

  29. abdullah_aslam said 5 years ago

    Cooolll!!! And specially the name look so cool, Microsoft skype!!

  30. bogomilshopov said 5 years ago

    Fuck you and fuck Microsoft! I mean it, it’s not an usual spam post!

  31. sandjmac1 said 5 years ago

    Not convinced!

  32. the.countess.ferraioli said 5 years ago

    Oh NO There is nothing free at Microsoft what will become of us? This can not be a good thing!

  33. fadzit said 5 years ago

    That’s great!!

  34. pafflick said 5 years ago

    That is a good news. Especially that – as I heard – Google and Facebook was also interested. From that three companies I definitely prefer Microsoft…

  35. mindpulses said 5 years ago

    I just hope you’ll keep developing Skype for Linux so that this will not be remembered as a bad day for all of us…

  36. incorrect.78 said 5 years ago

    That’s great, how do I delete my account?

  37. tim_holthaus1836 said 5 years ago

    Pity! I think, there is nothing to add.

  38. patchandsharon said 5 years ago

    this is such bad news shame on you

  39. alex_francal said 5 years ago

    Bad bad bad bad new… Hope skype don’t suffer on Microsoft hands. They are expert in create bugs in good products.

  40. pvince81 said 5 years ago

    I am a full time Linux user and this comes as a big surprised today. I hope this won’t mean the end of Skype for Linux.

  41. szitac said 5 years ago

    Eh.. “Microsoft Skype”??

    Although I don´t dislike Microsoft per-se, I don´t rely on it´s products.
    Constant patches and security faults are something that Skype users don´t need. (Enough is dealing with the O.S.)

    Business is Business anyway, but I still regret the desition.

  42. mikkel.thygesen1 said 5 years ago

    Please don’t! Microsoft bought MSN Messenger, and I only changed to Skype because MSN was getting bad! In design AND over-spamming of ads.

  43. jamjaws said 5 years ago

    Worst news i have heard in a long time..

  44. ash-fox said 5 years ago

    This honestly concerns me. Microsoft has many competing divisions where Skype is currently used. Their operating system division, where they compete against Linux. Their mobile phone division, where they compete against BlackBerry, iPhone and Android products.

    I fear this could mean Microsoft’s eventual phase out of Skype in competing products for other divisions, which would be problematic for myself and likely many other users.

  45. phelipe said 5 years ago

    Congratulations. I’m Skype user since the first day, the “Microsoft Skype Division”must have the independence like the XboX and Zune divisions to get the success like Kinect division. Please don’t let us down, mainly Mac OS and iOS users. Now it’s time to launch Skype for Windows Phone 7.

  46. airodinamic said 5 years ago

    Just wondering what exactly will happen with skype? Will become Microsoft Skype with ribbon interface, or will be integrated with Windows Live Messenger. Will be a new client software, integration with live, bing, etc. I hope they dont integrate Live Messenger and Sky

  47. jinconti said 5 years ago

    That´s good news. Perhaps it answers a bit of what I posted on your Facebook page a few days ago, which I havent got any answers by the way. Does this mean I´ll now have Skype in my Windows Phone or at least in my blackberry with OS7? Now, I really hope Microsoft don´t mess with your great vision and services you guys had been giving us. Really hope this is for good.

  48. djdpascoe said 5 years ago

    I would really like to believe that you believe what you are saying about extending the reach of Skype and make it better but I fear that is either naive or… well we shall see…

    Given that M$ will be pushing to have Skype integrated into Xbox and WM7 phones how will this impact the continued development of Skype on what will now be competitor platforms? Will the Android version ever get video calling? Will the Mac desktop version be updated at the same time as the PC version? Will Skype on iPhone continue? Will Skype ever get a chance to extend onto, say PS3?

    Given the ferociousness of the battle with Microsoft and Apple on the PC and Microsoft, Google and Apple on phones (and to some extent the battle between Microsoft and Sony on the home console) I really can’t see Microsoft being overly altruistic when this acquisition gives them a perceived competitive advantage.

    I don’t (and never will) own an Xbox or WM phone but I use Skype to keep in contact with my family on the other side of the world, so this news really troubles me.

  49. causticcasualty said 5 years ago

    in other words… skype sold out,,, it’s not going over to microsoft who is going to try and PROFIT off of it as much as possible and make things shittier like they always do… like.. MSN >windows live? yeah WINDOWS LIVE is shit ever since microsoft bought it.. it had been GARBAGE, gets worse with every version that comes out, and SKYPE will be no exception … LOL and skype reports this as good news! yeah 8.5 billion in there pocket and desert there users to deal with a selfish greedy company such as microsoft, YEAH skypes gunna be better MY ASS

  50. airodinamic said 5 years ago

    So what exactly will happen to skype? Become Microsoft Skype with Ribbon Interface and integrity with Windows Live Messenger, Live, Bing, etc, etc or will be a part of Windows Live Messenger?

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